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Whenever there is sunlight I now have a compulsion to go outside and photograph something in it. So early this morning the baby monitor and I sneaked out to take some photographs of a bowl I bought at a car boot sale a while back. It is far too large and heavy to ship so I have decided to keep it. Plus I have a long term goal of turning it into a sink basin but that’s for another day.


I accidentaly got in the shot when I had put it on a timer. I liked it but I was making a ridiculous expression. My face was saying “huh” at the camera so I tried it again only this time more staged.

IMG_1917I picked up the dress in a charity shop a few weeks ago and it’s my new favourite thing! You are forgiven if you thought I was wearing a nightdress. It has that kind of a look about it but rest assured it’s not made for bed time.

IMG_1920 IMG_1952 IMG_1979

I have no idea if the bowl is old or new. It simply says Fruit on the bottom. But the joins of the rim below make me thing it’s new (ish) and that the pattern printer thing (that’s the technical name) went a bit wonky (again another technical term).

Update: Thanks to Aniko’s comment below I’ve looked up transfer prints which has been around since the 1750’s, so maybe it’s not so new after all. I’m definitely going to try and find out more before I drill a hole in it!

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