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 This is Watercress, a 1990’s Belfast band that I loved in that fanatical way that only teenagers can get away with.

Dan was my favourite (he is the first to sit on the couch, check out his lovely curls).

We met them on the street in Waterford when they came to play a gig and myself and a friend braved a request for an autograph. Dan, the aforementioned favourite, drew a doodle of me in my flares and my heart was lost! I carried it in my wallet until it nearly disintegrated. I’d look at it endlessly while I waited for the bus. I also spent a lot of my teenage years waiting for buses which left a lot of time to consider their lyrics and all they meant (especially the ones about unrequited love)!

Ahh the joys of being a teenager.

Here’s a cheery number about a girl being stuck in a burning house…

I’m off to share this with the Tuesday Tune link up maybe see you there:)

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