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This week we hit the beach…


and treated ourselves to some gooooood chicken and leek pie at the the Stephen Pearce Pottery place

Stephen Pearce pottery workshop cafe Stephen Pearce pottery workshop cafe

Eating with Ewan has become eventful so once we felt the coffee shop was sufficiently messy we checked out the pottery workshop.  I kept Ewan nice and close as we went by all the breakables. It was lunch time so we didn’t get to see the potters work but I definitely want to call back when they are throwing a pot on the wheel.  Next time!

 Stephen Pearce Pottery Workshop

Earlier in the week Ewan gave his big waves to strangers and ducks alike…


..the sky was blue


the garden turned into a wilderness that ate a wheelbarrow…


and someone was very happy to get new shoes and this cute little card from the shoes shop!

Oh, and Ewan was kind of pleased too.


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