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It turns out the sunny south east is a good place for thrifting. I managed to squeeze in a village market and a car boot sale into my bank holiday weekend. Having on tap baby sitters is one of life’s true pleasures!

In my hunts I picked up mainly Irish made pieces which always makes me happy. I hunted out some Carrigaline pottery (blue and white strips and tan stripes)  a retro Barry’s tea tin, a Celtic Ceramic salt and pepper set which didn’t really go with my scone and tea photos but I thought the little condiments jar from that set could get away with it.


carrigaline pottery striped plates and cupI was also very excited about retro travel scrabble set. Scrabble is by far the best game in the world ever. I get competitive and over excited playing it but then again that goes for most board games.

I also picked up some sheffield steel bone handle knives. I’m in the midst of online research about sheffield steel and I have to say there are nicer ways to spend sunny mornings! If I find anything interesting I’ll let you know, nothing to report so far.

vintage travel scrabble

As you may know I’m a big Arklow pottery fan but I think I’ve met my match. There was a man at the car boot sale who I named Arklow Shark who was dashing around the stalls buying everything Arklow. It was Dad who noticed him but by the time we spotted him he had done the whole car boot sale and was carrying a hefty load. He bought a whole Arklow tea set for €20. It was such a bargain and jealousy still runs through me! I considered harming him and stealing his finds but for some reason I thought better of it. Next time, Arklow Shark man, next time!!

I did however manage to pick up a few lovely Arklow pieces as people were unpacking them (yes it can get crazy out there!). The retro flowery plate is Arklow. I placed the scone on it as a little trophy to it for not being swallowed up by the Arklow Shark.

There are more goodies but alas this is all that I could squeeze into the photos!

arklow pottery shannon pattern plate arklow pottery "shannon" pattern, travel scrabble, carrigaline potteryIMG_4056
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