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I feel the strange title of this post needs an explanation! At the Oh me Oh my DIY workshop last weekend the photographer said that before she did any photography training she spent six month playing with her camera and setting herself tasks. She talked about spending three hours photographing marshmallows and exploring capturing their texture on camera. Without the will power to resist eating marshmallows for 3 hours I set about finding my own texture exploration around the house.

After much internal debate I went for the peonies.

IMG_4263I love these flowers and associate them with lots of American blogs I read. For a while I thought you couldn’t get them in Ireland or that the only existed in a blogosphere far from here. Well it turns out you can buy them at Lidl for €5 so that’s me proved wrong.


I didn’t spend three hours at it but I did give it a go. I played around with light and twiddled some settings.

IMG_4266 IMG_4267This last one is my favourite although I will admit they do all look pretty alike. Still I enjoyed practicing!


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