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Yesterday I spent the day with about 20 something like minded women. Today I’m thinking there’s probably nothing better for the soul.

I went to a workshop called Oh me, oh my DIY. I booked it on a whim. I had little knowledge about what we’d be doing and I basically booked it because the location images made me curious and I’m a big fan of the blog of one of the organisers.

But when Sunday morning came around I strongly considered not going. I was so comfy at home, still in my pj’s a half an hour before I was meant to be there, I didn’t really know what it was about, I did know I’d have to make an effort to talk to new people and it was raining.

But money is a great motivator and I had paid so I was going.

oh me oh my diy workshop, cork


Boy was I glad.

There were six workshops in total, upcycling, vintage hair and make up, flower crowns, millinery, fashion styling, photography.

Some things wouldn’t be my thing. I would never have gone out of my way for a millinery workshop but the woman who did the demonstration was passionate about what she does, she taught herself and learnt her skills the hard way making mistakes along the way and that drew me in. She talked us through the process from start to finish. Yikes it’s a tough business! By the end though my head was brimming with ideas for a hat for a friends wedding and the discount for a craft shop in my goodie bag to give me a gentle push in that direction.




Similarly I’m one of the last people you’d expect to turn up anywhere in a flower crown but when the presenter is a warm bubbly woman who lived in a forest you can’t help but sit up and pay attention.


Before I knew it I am sitting at home hours later with my flower crown still on not wanting to take off my creation!


The workshop that caught my eye when I made the booking was the upcycling one. Over the years I’ve done some dodgy paint jobs, burnt my face with Nitro Morse paint stripper and abandoned pieces of furniture mid upcycle so I was a keen audience member for that workshop and she did not disappoint. She went through so much from preparing the wood, to which materials to use (and avoid), she did some basic upholstery and lots of tips and tricks of the trade. I feel armed and ready to tackle any piece of furniture and I’m now looking around my house trying to decide what my next project will be. I’ll keep you posted!

Not only did it get my creative juices going but it appealed to my shallow side too. It all looked so pretty. The warehouse space was voluminous and bright and there were more vintage cups and saucers for afternoon tea than you could shake a stick at. That’s my kind of joint!


As for talking to new people, that’s never as scary or awkward  as I think it’s going to be. It’d go so far as to say it was fun, lots of fun.

Without the blog and shop it’s unlikely I would even have heard about this. The blog is turning out to be more than I hoped. It’s an excuse to put myself out there, meet new people, spend time with amazing creative women. Yes there’s a lot of sitting in my pj’s typing too! But when things like this come about and I get such a buzz from it I know that I’m making the right choice I’m doing something that’s got me chattering in that over enthusiastic way and it’s all good.

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