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Last Friday I said good bye to a true lady. One who agreed to officiate at Ewan’s naming ceremony ever before we knew what we wanted her to do! A lady who wears her heart on her sleeve and a broad smile on her face is now heading off for a world of adventure, marriage and new beginnings.

And to say farewell she had a bonfire at Rocky Bay.

I’d never been to Rocky Bay despite the fact that it’s not too far away from Cork city.  It did not disappoint!

We arrived just before sunset and we had the beach pretty much to ourselves…

rocky bay, cork,ireland rocky bay, cork,ireland

As the night drew on the fire kept us cosy.

I was introduced to the Irish version of s’mores. You get two digestive biscuits, layer them with nutella and use them to sandwich your toasted goopy marshmallow! I love sugar as much as the next person but this just about pushed me over the edge. One was definitely enough!

Around the bonfire there were chats.

rocky bay, cork,ireland bonfire on the beach

Wishes for the next year were made written down and burnt…


while toes were toasting

rocky bay, cork,ireland bonfire on the beach, warming toes rocky bay, cork,ireland bonfire on the beach

After much waiting and some good cloud bursting efforts the full moon came out. The last time we had a Friday the 13th coincide with a full moon in June was June 13th 1919. The next one reportedly won’t be ’til June 13th 2098 so it was worth waiting around for.

There’s a nice little connection between the full moon and a couple getting married too. Apparently the full moon in June is called the Honey Moon because it comes when the bees hives are full with honey which was then turned into mead in time for weddings on the Summer Solstice.

And when I started to read about I came across this

“The idea back then was that a marriage is like the phases of the moon, with the full moon being analogous to a wedding,” Berman said. “Meaning, it’s the happiest and ‘brightest’ time in a relationship.”

honeymoon, june 2014, rocky bay, cork,ireland

So with a honey moon, s’mores and warmed toes the happy couple take flight for their adventure together. I wish them the very best of everything,x

rocky bay, cork,ireland bonfire on the beach, june 2014
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