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As promised we are back:)

The June bank holiday was a goodie. There was sun as hoped and only a little rain. I had my first 99 of the year, tussles trying to pay for things before my parents could and plenty of tea and relaxing.


We visited these beauties daily when walking “the round” ( walk until you reach a cross road, turn left and you end up doing a circle, see I get country things:).
horse and fowl

Ewan adopted a very warm Irish Wolf Hound. (that’s an excited face!)

Irish Wolf Hound

Oh yeah and he walked! I’m sounding calm about it but really there were tears and cheers and super proud grandparents:) I’ve googled it and apparently children aren’t considered walking until they are walking more than crawling. Ewan is definitely not there yet but he can do big solid steps in a row. He takes each one with his mouth open and hands out wide so I’m calling and saying he has started to walk. Yikes whatever next!

duncannon beach, wexford


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