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My much hailed Nokia 3100C has died. Sorry to break it to you this way but there is just no easy way to say it! It was sudden and unexpected but time is healing. As a result of this tragic loss I have ¬†moved back to my i-phone. This is temporary but it means I’m back on instagram which is fun:)

Having the phone with a decent camera at hand made me realise that I have a little habit I hadn’t really noticed before. I take pictures of tiles, everywhere! That might sound weird it might even be weird but there you go.

It’s funny to have a habit for years without ever figuring out it’s a habit. This might explain why it’s my dream to go to Morocco. In my head Morocco is the land of delicious chick pea filled food, great mint tea, honey and amazing tiles as far as the eye can see. Because I have no immediate plans to go there so I will have to live with snippets of tiles I have in my photo collection instead…

IMAG0261 image (6) image (7) IMG_1001 IMG_1403 IMG_2558 photo 4 (1)

Do you have any funny little habits?


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