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I realise I said that I was putting a halt to buying things for the shop but this set literally called at me from across the street. That may be an incorrect use of the word literally but if they could talk they would have screamed ” buy me, I’m soooo retro”. I saw this in a second hand shop when we were on holidays. It was unfortunate timing because I had just told Steve at the last second hand shop that was really the last one I was going to make us go to. So after some “oooh just one more, this really is the last one” pleading he generously succumbed and I got the set.  I mean would you look at the cuteness, it would have been all kinds of madness to leave it behind!

Kiln Craft Bacchaus 1972

Thanks to the wonders of Retro Pottery Net (that site is like pottery heaven by the way!) I discovered that this Kiln Craft Bacchaus set was introduced in 1972.  That makes a lot of sense when you look at the pattern, it’s all kinds of seventies tastic!


Also the helpful ladies in the second hand shop explained to me that this was a coffee pot rather than tea pot (which I had been calling it) because the open shape of the spout where it joins the body of the pot would mean that the tea bag would get stuck in it so the pot therefore it was intended for coffee.  This made sense but I had my suspicions.I didn’t share my suspicions with the ladies as all three of them were adamant and keen to make sure I was clear about the difference.


But before I declared to the world my new found knowledge I went home and googled it.  Just as well too because the good ole internet tells a different tale!

Apparently the spout position is determined by the drink it’s intended to hold. So tea leaves float to the top so tea pots have their spouts join the body of the pot in the middle, like this Kilncraft pot. Also ground coffee sinks so coffee spouts generally higher up body of the pot. So with some dismay I’m going to over rule the three enthusiastic sales assistants and go ahead and call it a tea pot.  This TEA set is already in the shop I’m getting quicker at this shop thing:)



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