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Over the summer holidays I finally tried Pimm’s Number 1 for the first time. For those of you like me who have drooled over Pimms on blogs and just about everywhere else but don’t know what you’d do with it well look no further.


Pimm’s No. 1 is a gin based drink but don’t let that put you off. With the right mix of fruit,posh lemonade, cucumber and mint it takes the form of summer in a glass. I used this recipe  but added a splash or two more Pimms to taste. By the end of the holiday I knew how much was enough based on colour. I really,really got into this!!

The cucumber and mint make it taste fresh and crisp, almost enough to convince myself that it’s just like salad ( I will admit I maybe reaching a little!).


We didn’t have an ice cube tray and in true holiday fashion we improvised and filled a lunch box with water. This actually worked better than the cubes because the large chunks of ice didn’t melt as quickly and they did a great job at cooling the jug of deliciousness very quickly.


I have just re read the post and it sounds like I am being paid by Pimm’s. I’m happy to accept money or even payment in bottles of Pimms but alas they are not paying me.  I just found a new yummy drink and want to rave about it. I can’t believe I’ve reached my 30’s without having tried this!

Have you ever had Pimms? How do you like yours?

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