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This weekend I shook of a cold, dusted off  my supplies and choose my car boot sale destinations! Usually I go to car boot sales on my own but this Sunday I decided to bring Ewan.

Unfortunately, he has neither the dedication or focus it takes to make it as an assistant and requires substantial training.

Sleeping until 9 o’clock is simply unacceptable on the morning of a car boot sale!  Generally an early riser, he decided to enjoy the comforts of his bed two hours longer than normal while I lay awake in the room next door debating if it would be crazy to wake him and thinking of the bargains I could be missing. I decided to wait.

When we eventually got there (close to 10 o’clock, I mean really!) he made up for his tardiness by bringing a level of good cheer and excitement that you don’t often see at car boot sales! He walked around saying “wow” at every wheel he saw and trailer got a louder “wow”. Sellers started saying “wow” back to him and the wows spread!


(Side note: He is carrying my hair roller which he has adopted as his toy!!)

 Also it turns out we have different tastes when it comes to what catches our eye. For him it’s a sheet filled with cars and trucks and he showed no interest in Irish made pottery at all. I clearly haven’t taught anything.


  It was proved almost impossible to look at things and make sure he didn’t wander off all at the same time.

Despite the difficulties we did have good fun. While there was no major haul Ewan came home with a new dinky and I found this Carrigaline Pottery butter dish that I’m pretty mad about.



I always try and buy things for the shop that I’d like to keep if they don’t sell. I am seriously tempted just to keep this but since I’m trying very hard not to be a hoarder it will make it’s way to the shop soon(ish), I swear!!


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