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Every day I get a nudge of parenting guilt. I skipped swimming again, I let him cry for too long, I pick him up too often, greasy sausages aren’t a proper lunch, I knocked him over again (it’s crazy how often I do that!) , I don’t bring him to the toddler group often enough, he’s watched too much Fireman Sam today, he has been wearing the wrong shoe size for nearly a month! The list can go on. Most of the time I just shrug off the guilt but some days it festers. This morning is one of those times when a thread of guilt nestled and wormed it’s way into my day .

It’s pretty exhausting worrying my way around in circles. So right now, as he sleeps, I’m trying to think of when we’ve had fun together. When I’ve felt so lit up by being around him that everything else disappears.

It’s actually a pretty easy exercise. About ten minutes before he went to bed we played “Pow Pow” (pointing fingers at each other and saying “pow pow” then running away and repeat:) and that felt pretty good and guilt-free.

I don’t think I’m ever going to rid myself entirely of guilt but maybe I can keeping shrugging it off and remembering that I really am doing my best.

When I ditch the guilt, and the worry, and “what if’s” I know that he’s pretty darn happy and that he makes me and Steve amazingly happy too.


So for the rest of his nap time, I’m going to leave the house work, leave the packing for our weekend away ,leave the long list of jobs I have to do on Etsy and leave the guilt where it is. Instead I’m going to make a cup of tea, sit and watch something trashy like New Girl, I might even route out a chocolate biscuit, oh now we’re talking.

Hope you’ve a great weekend!

P.S. I’m nearly on a 100 votes , whoop whoop!! Thanks to everyone who has voted or shared it on facebook. I really, really,really appreciate it and get very excited when I check it and the number has gone up. Thank you:)x

P.P.S. I LOVE this Ikea ad :http://youtu.be/MOXQo7nURs0

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