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While we neglect our own garden we seem to be lucky enough to benefit from the bounty of other people’s gardens.  So with freebie fruit and veg I set to work making Kale crisps . ( I say Kale knowledgeably but I had thought all Kale was curly so it took a lot of Googling before I could confirm that it was actually Kale that we had been given, it turns out it comes in straight too!) The crisps  really are fool proof and basically you add a little oil and sea salt and bake.


The result is grand but it’s not exactly a taste explosion and really can’t compare to a good pack of Salt and Vinegar Taytos!!


Next up were the large bag of apples that Ewan helped steal from his grandparents in the early hours of the morning last weekend.


We have so many that we’ve decided that cider is the long term goal but in the short term I made some Spiced Apple Butter. Using Lilly Higgins guidance  it turned out yum, yum, good.







It’s rare I make things I’m pleased with but this is one of them.  After Sunday morning was spent stirring we now have a stock pile of the Spiced Apple butter that will make some nice presents for that time of year that nobody is allowed talk about yet.



After that kitchen marathon I’m planning to avoid that room entirely for the rest of the week (well, except to get things that I can spread Apple butter over).


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