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When we first moved into the house I went Ikea mad. Both Steve and I were working so our weekends consisted of driving to Ikea, buying all around us, eating meatballs, driving back,unloading the heaving car to get ready for an assembly marathon the next day.  Four years later the house is looking less like it stepped out of the Ikea catalogue.  Mixing in vintage bits and bobs with the Ikea stuff takes the newness away and suits our old house much more.



The latest vintage addition is this second hand cast iron fireplace in the bedroom. Steve spotted it at a second hand market when we were in Wexford and I had great hopes that he might become a thrifting enthusiast. Alas he has confirmed that his thrifting days are over just as quickly as they begun. Still for a first timer he shows promise…



I’m actually in love with it and feel like it has been in the room forever.


I’ve been playing around with putting things on the mantle piece. Almost every time I pass it I move something, add something or take it away.  I haven’t figured that out yet but that’s all part of helping the fireplace settle in.


Ewan was determined to photo bomb  the pictures so after cutting his wayward hands and feet out of most of the pictures I decided to give him one of his own.


In comparison to this Instagram picture  from 9 months ago both he and the room look all grown up now!

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