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Today I picked the hottest day in September to  launch a search for a winter coat. I am determined to have a coat that actually fits me. I have donated all of my old coats to charity after the “clear out of all clear outs” so the need is definitely there. Yet after only two high street shops and two vintage shops I abandoned the “proper” shops and hit the second hand shops.

From there it was one pleasant distraction after another. So my winter coat turned into two pretty vases/candle holder type things….

photo 3 (5)

.. an Oxford dictionary printed in 1929 and a Tolstoy book…

photo 5 (1)

… and to top it off,  a summer dress.



My attempts at looking refined were ruined by Ewan pulling on the end of my dress.


If my thrift excursions keep going like this it will be a cold winter for me but at least I’ll be well read!

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