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After 31 and a bit years my very mild super power has been revealed!

I’m good at picking TV shows to watch! ( I did say it was mild!)

I’m not talking about picking The Wire or True Detectives because everyone you meet tells you to watch them. No, I’m talking about picking up the laptop, looking through the options before decisively saying “Lets try this one” and if I’ve picked it, it’ll be good.

Recent successes  include Channel 4’s Utopia and Top of the Lake on Netflix.

Controversial thriller Utopia will get an American remake

Utopia is a British conspiracy thriller with lots of  running,saturated colours and  intrigue. I will admit that after a very violent first episode I thought my very mild super power had failed me.  But as the story unfolded and I covered my eyes for the not nice bits then I really got into it. (Beware it really is violent, Mum, you wouldn’t like it!).

Top of the Lake acts as more proof of my super power. The series is set in New Zealand and based around a 12 year old pregnant girl who goes missing. I was looking for something that was interesting but no where near the high impact of Utopia de dah I pulled this out of the bag. Entertaining, well acted but not going to blow your mind with excitement.

My other very mild super power is that I can dance like a helicopter. Oh yes,  it’s pretty special actually:)

But as David O’Doherty says for every very mild super power there’s a very mild weakness too. Mine would be that looking at melting cheese makes me feel like getting sick.  The stringy thing it does when you pull it apart as the congealed lumps  burst and stretch apart, yuck. I’m grossing myself out thinking about it!

The sandwich in the Cheese it ad still haunts me!!

What are your very mild super powers or weaknesses?

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