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Happy birthday to me! I’m not one of these people that shy away from their birthday, oh no! I am 32 and proud!

Generally birthday discussions, reminders and overall enthusiasm start in the birthday season,which begins on the 13th of September, exactly one month before the actual day.

So in keeping with the over the top nature of my birthday celebrations this year the festivities were spread out over three day and a half days.

Rolled into these days there has been a mini pizza party, three cakes, a birthday balloon, a particular excellent array of presents, glorious autumn sunshine, a Cork city bus tour,a treasure hunt, a dinner party, an epic game of “Who am I?”, a breakfast in Tara’s tea rooms, Steve teaching Ewan to say birthday (although he forgot his cue and said truck instead) and even a few tears thrown in as I got over whelmed by feeling so freaking lucky to have the best people ever as part of my life!

sightseeing tour

Image from Cork City Bus Tours

Planning an open top bus tour in Ireland in October might not seem like the smartest idea but the Cork sunshine pulled an absolute blinder and kept us nice and toasty. I picked the Cork city bus tour because I wanted to do something the little people (I mean children, not short friends) might enjoy as well and it worked! The kids got into it and the grown ups nattered giddily .

cork bus IMG_7472IMG_7399

I have a bit of a thing about details on buildings, arches, carvings,stonework and all that lovely stuff that makes older buildings stand apart from the rest.  The double decker bus was the perfect way to spot the details and get a look at the city in a way you don’t get to see from the ground. Plus being driven around in the sunshine is pretty fun in itself!

IMG_7396 IMG_7398IMG_7454 IMG_7421IMG_7424


I wish I could relay some fascinating facts about Cork city but basically we chatted our way through the entire tour. It was a recorded tour so we were only rude to the tape not an actual person.




When the tour finished we headed home for more tea, cake, dinner, booze  and hours and hours of more chats.IMG_7482IMG_7477

All in all I would highly recommend making a major fuss of yourself on your birthday, it makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside!x


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