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Yesterday, I decided to have a day without biscuits. It has become quiet the cheeky habit for me to eat biscuits while hiding in a corner so that Ewan won’t try to climb me to get one. Knowing that a hard core biscuit habit is probably not the best health plan I decided to tackle it. I had successfully eaten us out of good biscuits leaving only the plain digestives.  As plain digestives are essentially a waste of a potentially good chocolate biscuit I felt they would be easy to resist and so I embarked on my own day of slight deprivation.

There was a flaw in my plan. It turns out my subconscious and sweet tooth are cleverer than I am and before I knew it I was Googling “quick cupcake recipes” and checking if the flour was in date.

The sweet tooth must be satisfied!

So with a children’s recipe for cup cakes on I went.  Supplies were low and the rain was heavy so I made a few substitutions. The caster sugar was replaced with a mix of demerara and granulated sugar. Butter was scraped from the butter dish to make up the right amounts (well close enough anyway). And maple syrup stood in for vanilla essence (a substiution I would make again).



Ewan woke up just in time to help decorate them while missing out the cooking part. He has good timing!

(You’ll notice he’s supporting a massive bruise. I have been warned by everyone that this will be the first of many and so I should get used to it! )


I sloshed on the lemon buttercream icing while he plopped the funny wafer flowers on top. He of course taste tested each bit of icing and seemed to think all his dreams had come true to wake up to a bowl of the stuff.


The end result is so butter laden that I imagine a biscuit is probably much better for me but somehow baking manages to make me feel wholesome. So I’ll take a good feeling over a calorie count any day.

Plus I think the fact that there are still some cupcakes left today is nothing short of a triumph for my self restraint.


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