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Like many things in life when all is well you don’t question it. So when my Etsy shop was doing really well I went with it. I added items to the shop, I bought like vintage was going out of fashion. I wrapped, packed and ran to the post office.

But when I did some maths I realised that the effort that goes into it hasn’t yet resulted in any profit. This gave me quiet the kick in the teeth. I felt that because I was busy I must be in profit. When I added up the price of boxes, packaging materials, business cards, under priced postage, the trip to Berlin to find treasures, Etsy costs, Paypal costs, Facebook promotion ( I will never do that again!), the cost of the items themselves, it just doesn’t add up. I had some big expenses that didn’t pay off. For example, early on I was eager and I had postcards made of a photograph I had taken. They turned out to be a mistake. I love them but there is no market for them (or none on Etsy anyway). Although my mum did buy some! Thanks Mum.

On November the 11th the shop will be open a year and so far it doesn’t look like I am going to break even. I had never hoped to be in profit in the first year but I had hoped, and even presumed, that I wouldn’t be at a loss. that was until I sat down and did the maths.

So to try and get things in order before November I put some of the prices up. Unfortunately everything then grounded to a halt. Sales stopped, I went for 14 days without selling anything. I even thought the shop might be broken! Even the numbers of people viewing items dropped.  Instead of continuing to list new items I stopped too.

After a month of thinking what am I going to do in the future with the shop  I am still no closer to a decision but I have decided one thing.

I really believe that you get out of things what you put into it and for a few weeks I had given up. I didn’t want to check the statistics of the shop, I definitely didn’t want to list items, I didn’t want to know anything about it. Well, it turns out that just made me feel worse about it so now I’ve moved to Plan B.

Plan B is to put more effort into the shop. The first part of this is to keep listing new items. My shelves are lined with things that I haven’t listed in the shop so EVERYTHING is going up. I know you’ve heard that before but this time I’ve used block capitals so this is now super serious!

If I’m still at a loss by the end of 2014 then I will think again but at least I will know that I have really tried. So keep your eyes peeled on the shop because I have got my serious game face on and things are going to get real around here! Urrgghhh!!!


(Well, maybe not too serious!)

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