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18 months ago I had a baby and 9 months before that my body started to change. Today my body is different to how it was. I have a wardrobe filled with cute vintage dresses and I fit into about half of them. The other half I keep in hope or stubbornness I’m not sure.

But in a way this is an opportunity. I have been wearing the same kind of thing for a decade or longer. Only now have I started to think that I could wear something else. Steering myself away from a particular style is harder than you’d think. My body gravitates to knee length dresses with a pinched waist and full (ish) skirt and my eye skips past the rest of the clothing in the shop and making it do otherwise has been tricky.

But as cling is no longer my thing and boyfriend baggy clothes make me look swamped  I started to look towards more structured clothes. After much debate I bought this Zara jump suit. I am so far from being a jumpsuit person that I can never remember what they are called and I keep telling people I bought a cat suit!

Armed with a curling thongs I decided I was going to commit to the jump suit!

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I’m not one for styling so I went for practicality, flat shoes so I can walk and a kimono because I feel naked without some kind of cardigan on at all times. This kimono has escaped  being placed in a bag for the charity shop many times over the years. I felt that it’s time was coming, at some point it would prove a good investment and now about 8 years later I was proven right!



I am also not one for make up. I’m so pale that I often have a blueish hue but that’s what my skin looks like. Pretending it’s another colour or painting it a different colour doesn’t make sense to me .  For me I’m more concerned about learning to stand for a photograph than I am about what colour I look like in the end. Even at the age of 32 I still haven’t quiet got the hang of what to do with myself and my arms when I’m being photographed so I end up making scared faces …



or doing some inexplicable hand gesture!


But nevertheless it was fun to dress up and try something new. My new shape isn’t foreign or alien it’s just different to what I had and different to what I’m used to. It has taken me 18 months to realise that battling with the same zips every month is not helpful and the time has come to try something new and get excited about clothes again and jump into something new:)





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