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One of the great things about getting nominated for the Irish Blog Awards was sniffing out the competition which resulted in a lot of new Irish blog addictions! There are some great Irish blogs out there that keep me entertained as well as giving me a little gentle push to up my game!

As an aside I want to say again thank you so much to everyone who voted for me in the Blog Awards. In the end I came 30th out of 200 and something. (I say two hundred and something because I did a very rough and inaccurate count!). I was chuffed with that and I’m so thrilled that people voted. I have the best readers and I’ve been given such a warm welcome to the blogging world!

Anyway, back to the task at hand. Here are some of my favourites Irish Blogs. Some I found through the Blog Awards, some I’ve followed for years and others I stumbled across and got hooked!love irish blog

Vintage: First up is  Brand New Retro. If you haven’t seen this site pop over right now! It’s a site all about vintage Irish pop culture. They are digitising old images, magazines articles and adverts and it’s all completely addictive! Next up isTurquoise Flamingo. I placed the blog in the vintage category but it could fit in nearly all the others too. It’s a great mix of life, vintage and DIY. My favourite posts are the ones of her and her daughter just doing their thing. Next is Thrifted Treasures. I followed her blog when she was in Australia and now she’s moved home to Ireland she falls nicely into the Irish blog category. My favourite thing about her site is when she shows off her vintage collections. It makes me absolutely green with envy, in a good way!

Food : First and foremost is Lilly Higgins, basically I love everything she does and her blog is no exception. It feels like a nice relaxed space that is filled with cakes, what’s not to love.  Next up is  Edible Ireland, I was hooked as soon as I saw her banner heading. It makes me smile everytime I see it! I have also just bought her book Slainte which is a complete guide to Irish craft beer and cider and my only regret is that it is a present for someone else! Next is  Eat well Travel Far Love Often, for me this site is just food porn. I’m all about image when it comes to this blog everything makes me make that “homana homana” noise!

( I’m trying to keep it to three a category so I won’t mention that I also love Like Mam used to Bake!)

Fashion : I came across Rua Ruth through the blog awards and I’m hooked. Some of my recent favourites are Dublin’s loveliest loos and I’m waiting with baited breath for more photos from her recent trip to Marrakesh!  Pink Elephant is not to be confused with either the restaurant in Cork or the very strong beer with a pink elephant as its logo. My favourite thing about their blog is their Penneys  Picks, who doesn’t love Penneys! Next is Teddy and Alex  all I will say is go forth and swoon!

Parenting : The first is Ouch my Fanny Hurts. As you might be able to tell from the title of her blog she doesn’t hold back on the honesty front and she makes me laugh out loud. Similarly,  The Airing Cupboard is a straight talking parent blog and this is definitely my kind of parenting blog. No pretense, mess, poo, sleep deprivation anything goes! (Plus I love her “About” page and pretty much just want to copy it!).  Office Mum is another firm favourite. My addiction to the blog started with her Office Mum Stories section. It’s a series of interviews with mum’s living in Ireland who work full time or part time (with some stay at home mum’s too) and I find it compelling!! If you want to know how Mums in Ireland juggle their lives and how they feel about it then pop over and have a look.

Last but not least I have two other favourites that I want to mention one is Evin Ok. It’s a crafty blog with life put in the mix too. One of my favourite recent posts was where she asked readers to complete a survey about which potential book cover they prefer.  I love a good survey, I actually do! It’s one of life’s underrated pleasures if you ask me! Anyway, the cover I voted for ended up as the choosen cover and I like to think that every vote (especially my vote) counts!  I will leave you with Foxglove Lane and all I can say is that I dare you not to be impressed!

Phew!  I have a bigger Irish blog addiction than I thought.

Now your turn, what are your favourite Irish blogs? Who have I missed?

If you have a blog feel free to take the image and make your own Irish blog love list. I’d love to see!


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