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This little beauty will be making it’s way into the shop in the coming days  but I couldn’t let Friday pass without sharing it with you.

Last year I found a lovely enamel tea pot  that stole my heart. It hung around the shops digital shelf for a while and I started to imagine that I might get to keep it. When it did sell I was a little bereft but tried to be happy for it as it headed off on a new adventure to Canada. So when I saw this one I decided to snap it up quickly. I am technically breaking my “do not buy anything until I have everything I listed in the shop”  rule but if you’re a regular reader you know I have my weaknesses and beautiful enamel is one of them!

IMG_8034 IMG_8038 IMG_8039

IMG_8042Isn’t she a beauty? This too will find a new home some day and I am positive that it’ll bring extra cheer to whatever table it finds itself on. I’m pretty sure that it’s a scientific fact that pretty enamel really does gladden the heart:)


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