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For those of you wondering where Ewan has gone rest easy, he’s just having a nap. In truth I’ve so busy trying to keep him in one piece that I have forgotten to photograph him. Between last week and today he had an almighty fall in the changing rooms of the swimming pool, had seven health professionals peer over him, a fever,some kind of bug and more episodes of Fireman Sam than I ever thought possible.  The end result is he’s totally fine.



For my part I am now feeling fine about it all. After his fall I felt incredibly guilty. I went through all the possible alternatives for how I could have prevented it but in truth sometimes accidents just happen. Everyone telling me that last week meant nothing but I’ve got a good grip of myself now and  I’ve gotten over it. He bounced back within hours and while my bruised ego took a little longer to heal we are both back to ourselves again.


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