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With the cold weather outside and a make and do fire in my belly I’ve been keeping myself busy inside. First, there was the early morning soda bread baking.

white soda bread, avoca soda bread


Then I  finally bought a tiny little tree to tie to my dinky Mini that I picked up at a car boot sale . It is bizarre how long I have wanted to do this. I bought the Mini this year but before that I had a little blue and white bus that I wanted to do the same thing with and that was back in 2007! Getting a tiny tiny tree was clearly a low priority item! But now that I completed my little car carrying a tree dream it makes me so happy!! (I’m a girl of simple needs)


dinky mini cooper with a tiny bottle brush tree


As I mentioned last week  I have a huge list of projects, recipes and pretty things all  bookmarked sitting on my computer. My bookmarks are highly disordered and range from roast potatoes to corrugated iron art. So without any hope or desire to tackle them all, I am taking on the ones that tickle my interest now.

Given my new found festive cheer I set about making this sparkly Cheers sequin sign I found by A Beautiful Mess. If you don’t follow that blog I’m not sure you are using the internet properly!

But seriously I would recommend it with a word of caution. It is guaranteed to make you feel wholly inadequate. Those girls churn out so many DIY projects that you can’t help but feel like your wasting your life and that there are actually more hours hidden somewhere in the day that you just haven’t found yet.

It took me 7 years to get around to buying a tiny tree and tieing it to a tiny car. 7 years! If I was them I would have bought 50 tiny trees, bleached them and dyed them a range of cute and complimentary colours (they actually did that and it looked amazing!) See, sickening!

But you do have to hand it to them their DIY projects are cheap and in this case very cheerful!



You can see their full tutorial here. I got a bit confused at the first step with figuring out the correct text to use. They advised using Function Pro Bold. I’m guessing this is a choice on Apple computers? Being a Microsoft Word girl I didn’t have that font option so I went for Arial and sized it to 600. This worked for me.

diy cheers sequin sign, a beautiful mess

If you do fancy making this be sure to stretch your sequin trim as you go. I didn’t and ended up  used 4 metres of trim while they used one yard (less than one metre!).

gold sequin trim

The big pluses of making this were I got to play with my glue gun, it’s doable in one nap time  (if you have enough trim!) and it actually turned out like it was meant to.  The end result has sparkled up the hallway and makes me smile every time I pass it.

gold sequin trim cheers sign DIY gold sequin sign



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