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Months ago at a car boot sale I bought a broken record player. The man who sold it to me was incredibly honest and said he had tried to fix it but didn’t manage to. I had no reason to buy it. I am not a qualified electrician, a repair man nor am I known for my proficiency with wiring. Nevertheless it was a fiver and red so I obviously wasn’t going to leave it there!

Since then it has sat in our hallway. There are many reasons I never tackled fixing it, the primary one being fear of electrocution but the second also important fact is that we own a functioning record player and so we really don’t need another one.

So after much thought I decided to make it into a toy kitchen for Ewan. I wanted to make a toy kitchen for a while but all the bought options require floor space we don’t have so I decided to use what I have instead.


The first step was to remove all the electrical bit and pieces. I tackled this job after a frustrating time trying to get Ewan to nap and my frustration powered me on to rip the thing apart in record time!

Once everything was out including the broken cigarette and comb that I found inside it I gave it a good clean I set about covering the inside and making an insert for the hob section to sit on. I kept the rubber grip from the record player to make the hob and the record lever makes an excellent wire rack!

It’s unlikely anyone reading this has a broken record player in their hallway that they need to transform into a diy kitchen so I won’t bore you with the steps but instead here is a montage of the steps.  (Bringing Steve on board for the drilling the hole for the record lever was clearly a good idea!)

PicMonkey Collage



And here’s the result…


I’m pleased with how it turned out. I need to buy different hinges to attach the hob sheet to the player but that’s a job for another day. For the moment we have it placed on top and lift it off to put things underneath.


IMG_9394 IMG_9404

Check out how the record lever swings around!! That’s a little ergonomic feature I’m pretty chuffed with.



The pots are from the shop. I think stealing from your own shop is one of those allowable things, right? I unlisted the items and gifted them to Ewan and his new kitchen.|X

We do have a slight problem that we both keep leaving the “gas” on but other than that it’s a big hit. Chopping and moving things from pot to pot are the highlights. He’s already developing quiet the menu with offerings of truck stew, apple or eggs.


IMG_9420And most importantly when the kitchen is closed  for the night it fits nicely on the settle in the kitchen!


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