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Today I headed out in the cold to take some photos of a vintage dress I bought this weekend. I bought three second hand dresses and had great plans to take pictures of all three to show you. As it turns out the day took a turn so it’s a one dress affair for today. I bought this dress from Mercury Goes Retrograde in Drawbridge Street and I love it. This shop is one of my favourite spots for vintage clothes and I always something to tempt me which is why I try to limit my visits there!

IMG_9729 IMG_9711

IMG_9771 IMG_9772 I ran around during Ewan’s nap time with tripod in hand and the camera set to timer. It turns out the whole thing took a lot longer than I had expected and so I roped Steve in to taking some pictures once I ran out of nap time. Leaving Ewan loose near a tri-pod has never ended well. Steve graciously obliged but on his way back in he happened to lock us in the back garden!



We live in a terrace and we couldn’t get through the neighbours’ gardens. Without my phone banging on the back door and screaming “STTEEEEVVVEE”  was all I could think of doing. None of this helped as his office is to the front of the house and so he worked away oblivious. Shrieking over the wall at our hard-of-hearing neighbour didn’t yield any results either (other than making Ewan cry) So after 50 minutes of banging, throwing things at windows, stacking up the garden furniture to try and scale the wall eventually a kind builder at a neighbours house heard us and sent someone around to ring the door bell. Luckily Steve answered the door to be told ” Your missus is stuck in the garden” and so Steve came to rescue us from our frozen state. A couple of cups of tea later and blanket snuggles for Ewan and all is well again. Who would have thought taking photos in the garden would lead to such a hullabaloo!!

Taken before we figured out were locked out!

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