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I’m pleased to announce  the thrilling sequel to the post ” being a mum for one year “, that’s right you guessed it (or read the title)  “Being a mum for two years”!!

Time between the first and second year time accelerated. On Ewan’s first birthday everyone said that time had flown by. I thought that was some kind of joke. Everything was so new, exciting and daunting  I felt the whole first year passed slowly. This year I actually agree, time is whizzing by. In a year Ewan has gone mobile and became a chatterbox filled with stories of monsters hiding in shoes. Where once the days were filled with naps now the weeks have become  filled with activity. In the space of a year I’ve watched him stretch, wiggle and spin his way from baby to a fully grown toddler.


It turns out raising a young toddler is a whole new learning curve. Having never spent much time around children until the last two years I have only just figured out that toddlers are insane! They have so many emotions in an hour there is no way to tell which personality they are likely to show you from the time you go into a shop to the time you come out. Every single toddler I have met can swing from distraught, to deliriously happy in a nano second. But despite the mayhem, or maybe because of it, I have to admit, I’m a total toddler convert. As much as I loved the squidgy baby cuddles this new phase is all the better. He can interact more, make me laugh, make himself laugh endlessly, tell mad stories  and melt my heart with a “Wuv you mammy”. It’s the craziest, most frustrating, most bizarrely hilarious time I’ve had since becoming a mum.

When I looked back on the post from last year lots of things are still the same. I still talk about poo a lot, I am still  less clean overall than pre- Ewan, I still will do anything for a laugh from him and we still think he’s an absolute legend, most of the time!

But one thing that has completely changed is that  significantly less people want to kidnap him. In fact I can’t think of one person who has said it recently. As a baby there were constant threats from strangers of “aaahhh look.. I want to just whisk him away with me” and ” oh I want to sweep him up and run away with him”.

Now, not so much. He is still pretty adorable so that can’t be why the kidnapping threats have decreased. My sense is that the decrease is due to practical issues.  The fact that he is likely to run off  regularly and his continual requests for food would make kidnapping logistically  challenging to say the least. It’s just as well too because our little man is the giggly soul of this house and I wouldn’t have it any other way.





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