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Our trip to London didn’t all go as planned but there is something wise to be said about the whole trip being the sums of all it’s parts and one part I wouldn’t change is my new found love of London’s Victoria and Albert Museum. When I added the museum to my wish list before our trip  I wasn’t after a rare glimpse at the creative endeavors of centuries of artists and sculptors I was more concerned with their gift shop! I have long ogled over their gift shop online and regardless of whether or not there was anything of interest in the museum itself I wanted to see it’s gift shop. It turns out the V and A is more than the sum of it’s gift shop (where incidentally I only bought a few post cards after all my talk).

For a start it’s free and it’s a absolutely stunning building. Certainly not too shabby for Ann Marie!





Plus the coffee shop is pretty alright looking!


Image Credit: Nomadic Vision


Image Credit: Nomadic Vision

When we were there it was far too busy and I was too hungry to photograph it but the pictures above do it justice. This place has the wow factor and beats a Costa Coffee any day! Being unfamiliar with heat Steve and I ate outside and talked about how much Ewan would have loved the paddling pool/ water feature in the gardens. Taking a weekend trip without Ewan had it’s merits but he was never too far from our thoughts and we talked about him ALOT!



But the best part  for me is their random collections. A room devoted to Blue and White Ceramics, yes please. This is my kind of place. Singer Sewing machines, Cornishware and William Morris Wallpaper are all on display and given the same attention as ancient metal work. But the icing on the cake was most definitely their collection of tiles. I am long confessed tile addict and the V and A did not disappoint. The buildings are full of lovely tiles underfoot but the ones on display. Oh my, be still my beating heart. I actually gasped at how pretty some of them were!

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The next time we get a chance to go to London I reckon the itinerary will be airport then straight to the V and A for some delightful tile lust, I might even have a splash in their water feature the next time!



The V&A Museum courtyard

Image Credit : Nomadic Vision

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