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Follow your dreams, do what you love, don’t settle, don’t wake up one day with regret, dream big, do the impossible.

Right, that makes sense. Okay let’s do this. I’m going to grab life like a lioness whose just bagged an antelope. Yes. Right. Great. Okay.

I’ll just put the kettle on.

Do what you love. Do what you love. Okay. What do I love doing? I have always enjoyed eating. Yep. Sleeping, that’s nice. Tea.. oh, I know. I do really love a warm cupcake. Right, I’ll start there. No idea too small. Cupcakes are very fancy these days though.God that sounds old. Are they buns or cupcakes? Or queen cakes? I might have some branding issues. I’m shocking at icing but I’m also not a fan of icing. Right, I’ll open a cupcake shop selling only vanilla cupcakes with no icing.Like deconstructed cupcakes. “oh have you had Ann Marie’s cupcakes, they are so … plain.” Okay, this might not be the right track. I know I’ll invent a cupcake warmer to keep your cupcake at optimum “just out of the oven” temperature. Oh, this is getting good. Right, it’s a cupcake warmer that’s also portable. With a retro design. Maybe navy with a red stripe. Maybe a little white stripe going through the red stripe. It will be waterproof yet dishwasher safe. God, I’m on a roll here. I could sell them and the actual cupcake. Ready and waiting for maximum enjoyment.  Jesus I’d be the vanilla cupcake/bun/queen cake Queen of Cork, or even all of Ireland! Wow, this is getting pretty real.  I could travel for miles in a cupcake shaped van to offices everywhere (well in a close enough radius to be able to do the preschool collection. And my cupcake vehicle will have to have room for a car seat so I can bring baby and someway of warming her bottle.Or I could sell the cupcakes with the retro design warmer between 9:15am and about 11:20am then I wouldn’t need a bottle warmer and I’d be on time for the end of preschool.God this is turning into a bit of a logistical nightmare..

I need to think bigger but with flexible working hours. Maybe drug dealing. Nah. I’d feel so uncool. What would I wear? I don’t even know the lingo. I bet drug dealers would never say lingo. No, the whole thing would be too awkward.

Right I’ll just have a quick look on Instagram then I’ll get back to planning my life.

Hmm nobody has posted since a few minutes ago. Maybe I should follow more people. Right I should really clean the house while baby is napping. Maybe I’ll start dinner although it’s half ten in the morning. What do other people love doing? Maybe I could love that. I need somebody to  say you’d love “insert something fullfilling and  attainable” then I’d just do that. That would be excellent. Maybe I could go to a life coach. Maybe I could be a life coach. You’d have to wonder what dream a life coach is following. ” I want to help people realise their full potential”. Oh God I could never say things like that. No. Not for me.

Right, I’m still really determined to find my passion during this particular nap time but I do want the house to be just a little bit tidier. Although I reckon she’ll sleep for another while so I might just try and watch an episode of Corrie on the Tv3 player, or is it UTV. I wonder why they swapped? Feck, my tea has gone cold. Right, I’ll just put the kettle on again and then get set up with the laptop. I’m sure I’ll think of my passion when I’m not so focused on it. It’ll probably just come to me, like a vision. Yeah, that sounds about right.

Was that a cry I heard? She’s awake isn’t she?


Me looking fondly at a gnome

Me looking fondly at a gnome!


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