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Four Seasons

Posted on 10 April, 2014

I bought this tea set in the antique flea market in Berlin. When I bought it the lady and I were conducting our negotiations with our fingers. As I suggested less fingers she would continue to show the same amount of fingers and point enthusiastically to the label on the bottom. It read “Vier Jahreszeiten Original Design”. I smiled and shrugged. Since my German isn’t good enough for numbers it certainly isn’t good enough to translate Vier Jahreszeiten!

Vier Jahreszeiten original design, four seasons original design

Now that I am home and can use the internet without fear of horrific roaming charges I’ve learnt that Vier Jahreszeiten means the Four Seasons. Ooohhh that what she meant, they are fancy fancy so she thought her price (number of fingers) was reasonable. Only a few weeks later and I’ve deciphered our conversation.

Some hotels would be fancy and then there are others like the Four Seasons hotels that I can’t imagine going to due to their level of fanciness and are therefore they are classed as fancy fancy!

Before you ask there are no fancy fancy fancy hotels, that would just be silly!

I bought them because I thought they were unusual and a little nerdy, in a good way. I was imagining a bird watcher having these in a bird watcher’s tower rather than a fancy fancy hotel.

tea set with birds
As coincidence would have it when I was out photographing these spring finds when a turf war broke out between the local birds.
It was a noisy and drawn out debacle and a lot of birds got their feathers ruffled. I tried explaining that there was enough trees for everyone but the war raged on.
I’m not one for pointing fingers but these two definitely started it.


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Styling Berlin

Posted on 2 April, 2014

There is something about enamelware that makes be want to build a campfire and an A-frame tent. But This morning the clouds were grey, the rain looked like it was here to stay.

So instead of braving the weather like my enamelware asked I closed the shutters, put on a James Taylor LP on the record player and took some cosier some photographs of my lovely Berlin vintage finds.

berlin flea market finds

I have also been super productive in the shop today! So these lovelies are already available. The coffee grinder is a personal favourite even though I’m a tea lady!

This reindeer however is all mine. Given that real stuffed animals terrify me. It’s those eerie eyes. A neighbour used to have a stuffed pheasant in their sitting room and I could never relax! This cardboard is the perfect substitute and a good prop.

berlin flea market finds, white enamel tea pot and red enamel jug
I am pretty proud of finding both the tea pot and jug . I found them both in the Kunstmarkt Straße des 17. Juni, the one that was filled with antiques. Both items were not cheap but I love enamel so much that they won me over. 
retro tin

Last but not least is this lovely German tin. I must admit the decision to buy the tins (I bought three in total) t reflects more about my obsession with tins than it does any business savyness. I have no idea if they will sell but I will be more than happy to house them if they don’t.

Since the weekend two of the Berlin finds have sold which I am very pleased with. Especially given the slow rate they are getting to the shop. But importantly I’m getting there.

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Berlin Flea Markets

Posted on 27 March, 2014

When Steve and I came back from New Zealand I slowly realised that other people tire about tales of being away a lot sooner than I do.

However I’ve decided not to learn from that lesson and I’m continuing to talk about Berlin!

So last Sunday I took in four flea markets.

The first was Mauerpark. I had read that this was very touristy, busy and by all accounts over priced. Nevertheless, it was hearing about the wonders of Mauerpark that drew me to Berlin in the first place so on I went.

flohmarkt am mauerpark

I arrived shortly after opening and I was glad I did. Stalls were still setting up, all was calm and some traders offered me “morning prices”.

Mum asked how the flea markets are different from car boot sales. I would say first of all it’s on solid ground, not a blade of grass in sight.

Secondly, their stalls have rain cover.

flohmarkt am mauerpark, berlin

Thirdly, everything is categorized and displayed together, enamel with enamel, coat hooks with coat hooks

flohmarkt am mauerpark, mauerpark flea market, berlin
…phones with phones, cameras with cameras!
flohmarkt am mauerpark, mauerpark flea market, berlin
This might seem like a small thing but it’s big when you are coming from car boot sales where everything is everywhere, sellers are trying to keep their things dry under a plastic sheet on the ground and cardboard boxes disintegrate.
Don’t get me wrong I love a car boot sale as much as the next thrifter but I did love an insight into how organised things can be.
Of course it’s easier to categorize things when you have huge quantities of items. Berlin has a population of 3.5 million and judging from the rate money was exchanging hands I’d guess a thriving thrift economy.
flohmarkt am mauerpark, mauerpark flea market, berlin

Fourthly I’d say flea markets are more expensive. They all were free entry but they definitely charge more than your average car boot trader.

As I left Mauerpark I was greeted by waves and waves of people coming towards the market and I was relieved I had done my shopping early.

Without a google map for this market I managed to ask three Germans who didn’t speak English for directions. But they were all kind enough to engage with me in hand gestures, I found it. It’s very very close to Mauerpark as long as you head in the right direction!
arkonaplatz flea market, arkonaplatz flohmarkt, berlin
This flea market was my favourite. It was the smallest I went to but it had a lovely atmosphere. It’s held in a  park square and there’s a playground to the side so there were lots of families but also some serious hagglers. I had no idea what they were saying but they looked very happy with their purchases while the sellers looked on bemused!
As I arrived people were unpacking, this opens two hours later than Mauerpark. Parents were bickering with their children about who would get the next load from the van, women were telling their husbands to hang things higher and take things down, people were settling in on the couches they had brought with them with their thermos and coffee.
arkonaplatz flea market, arkonaplatz flohmarkt, berlin
If I had a van this writing desk would have come with me and I would have picked up one of those industrial size E’s in the background too, but as good as my suitcase was a writing desk was beyond it’s limits.
arkonaplatz flea market, arkonaplatz flohmarkt, berlin
 It was a nice relaxed market with plenty of retro finds, car boot sale type feeling about it.
arkonaplatz flea market, arkonaplatz flohmarkt, berlin
arkonaplatz flea market, arkonaplatz flohmarkt, berlin
Next up was the Kunstmarkt Straße des 17. Juni. This is the oldest flea market in Berlin, it’s been running since 1973.
kunstmarkt strabe des 17 Juni, berlin, flea market
This market felt more geared towards antiques. A ceramic biscuit tin caught my eye and I asked the seller how much it was she said €160. I was informed as she took it from my hands that it was for collectors and is from the 1920’s. It was lovely but I was out of my depth.
kunstmarkt strabe des 17 Juni, berlin, flea market, oldest flea market in Berlin
In saying that it was here that I the enamel rack I love so much, so for that reason alone I would say it’s worth a trip!
Last but not least was Nowoelln Flowmarkt, which is a nice market lining the river. By the time I got here (about 4 o’clock) many people were closing up . After three flea markets, and trips over and back across East Berlin my main reason for picking this marker was the foodstalls. I had read that if you love street food you should go here. Luckily some of the food stalls were still open and so I ate my way through this market. I’m afraid I was too concentrated on getting some food to take any photographs but I snapped this tree on my walk back by the river.
It one last flick through say goodbye to my thrifting adventure:)

I’m delighted that I went, thrilled with my Berlin finds and chuffed to be at home with my two men again!

No more waiting!

Posted on 26 March, 2014

After much pressure I am going straight to the thrift finds from the Berlin adventures. But I will come back to tell you about the flea markets tomorrow!

But for the moment I do agree to give you a break and show you some of the vintage finds. I couldn’t get everything in one picture regardless of the amount of stacking I did so here is the majority of the finds.

Okay, here we go,

I only had a small shaft of light to work with so each items had to take turns in the spot light:)
Large spinning top…
a coffee grinder…
….a brass pot warmer…
a super cute red enamel coffee pot…
a pretty green plate…
A retro thermos, it’s deep inside so it’s ideal for stews/ curries or anything warming… enamel wall rack (you don’t know how many times I’ve looked at these on Etsy,
I was soooo thrilled to find one)…
A lovely 60 year old tin that received nice compliments from Berlin airport security staff. The little brass pig was in the tin as I went through the airport scanner it caused much confusion…
… a red enamel jug with a super straight spout!…
…a white enamel tea pot that’s nearly 100 years old…
A lovely little wooden house display. I bought the wooden town pieces separately but they fit perfectly ..
In the thrift shop on Saturday I found this ….
A green wooden spice rack and a bright red coffee filter holder…
I love the detail on  both of these…
…the sweetest children’s cooking set!!
…knitted clothes hangers
…and much more.

It will take me some time to get everything ready for the shop but I will be updating the shop as I go.

If you have your eye on something and just can’t wait then please don’t be shy and email me I’d love to hear from you:)

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Phew I need some tea!

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