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Rocky bay

Posted on 16 June, 2014

Last Friday I said good bye to a true lady. One who agreed to officiate at Ewan’s naming ceremony ever before we knew what we wanted her to do! A lady who wears her heart on her sleeve and a broad smile on her face is now heading off for a world of adventure, marriage and new beginnings.

And to say farewell she had a bonfire at Rocky Bay.

I’d never been to Rocky Bay despite the fact that it’s not too far away from Cork city.  It did not disappoint!

We arrived just before sunset and we had the beach pretty much to ourselves…

rocky bay, cork,ireland rocky bay, cork,ireland

As the night drew on the fire kept us cosy.

I was introduced to the Irish version of s’mores. You get two digestive biscuits, layer them with nutella and use them to sandwich your toasted goopy marshmallow! I love sugar as much as the next person but this just about pushed me over the edge. One was definitely enough!

Around the bonfire there were chats.

rocky bay, cork,ireland bonfire on the beach

Wishes for the next year were made written down and burnt…


while toes were toasting

rocky bay, cork,ireland bonfire on the beach, warming toes rocky bay, cork,ireland bonfire on the beach

After much waiting and some good cloud bursting efforts the full moon came out. The last time we had a Friday the 13th coincide with a full moon in June was June 13th 1919. The next one reportedly won’t be ’til June 13th 2098 so it was worth waiting around for.

There’s a nice little connection between the full moon and a couple getting married too. Apparently the full moon in June is called the Honey Moon because it comes when the bees hives are full with honey which was then turned into mead in time for weddings on the Summer Solstice.

And when I started to read about I came across this

“The idea back then was that a marriage is like the phases of the moon, with the full moon being analogous to a wedding,” Berman said. “Meaning, it’s the happiest and ‘brightest’ time in a relationship.”

honeymoon, june 2014, rocky bay, cork,ireland

So with a honey moon, s’mores and warmed toes the happy couple take flight for their adventure together. I wish them the very best of everything,x

rocky bay, cork,ireland bonfire on the beach, june 2014

We have a walker…

Posted on 4 June, 2014

As promised we are back:)

The June bank holiday was a goodie. There was sun as hoped and only a little rain. I had my first 99 of the year, tussles trying to pay for things before my parents could and plenty of tea and relaxing.


We visited these beauties daily when walking “the round” ( walk until you reach a cross road, turn left and you end up doing a circle, see I get country things:).
horse and fowl

Ewan adopted a very warm Irish Wolf Hound. (that’s an excited face!)

Irish Wolf Hound

Oh yeah and he walked! I’m sounding calm about it but really there were tears and cheers and super proud grandparents:) I’ve googled it and apparently children aren’t considered walking until they are walking more than crawling. Ewan is definitely not there yet but he can do big solid steps in a row. He takes each one with his mouth open and hands out wide so I’m calling and saying he has started to walk. Yikes whatever next!

duncannon beach, wexford


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Sunny South East

Posted on 30 May, 2014

We are heading to the sunny south east for the weekend to see family and friends. We are planing on hitting the beach, getting some Wexford strawberries and maybe even building a sand castle. Hopefully the weather will get behind these plans!

It’s a bank holiday weekend so don’t worry if you don’t hear from me until the middle of next week. We are okay, no need for a search party, we’ll be back with photos:)

Hope you have a lovely weekend!

The newest sunglasses range from Penneys/Primark!

The newest sunglasses range from Pennies/Primark!

Get Lost

Posted on 13 May, 2014

I’ve read about the joys of getting lost, losing yourself, forgetting the maps and just wandering. Whoever wrote that didn’t have an almost 12 kg baby strapped to them in the rain!

This is how it started, a blurry selfie resting on the post of a gate.



Then off we went for a short adventure.

A friend had recommended this walk. I was lamenting the fact that only 10 of the 100 bluebells we planted in the garden actually flowered and he suggested this walk in Middleton for me to get my bluebell fix.

He was right the bluebells carpet the floor and it’s stunning.


IMG_1811We came to a few paths that were too slippy or too steep to attempt with a wee man stuck to my front so I diverted my path a little. After nearly sinking a few times I conceded that I was in the wrong shoes for this caper and we should go home.

Hmmm, now where is that gate? I walked up,down, around and around. Ewan was due a sleep and the more we walked the louder his protests got until he was in full blown crying mode. It starts to rain. I take off my cardigan and try and cover Ewan. I’m sweating so it’s no great act of chivalry. Crying, he kicks and flails to get the cardigan off him. His legs kick into my thighs and I think where the hell is this gate.

When I’ve been lost before I’ve ended up passing the same spot numerous times, here everything looked the same. I had no idea if I had just gone in a circle or if these were new trees and new bluebells. I couldn’t find any landmarks. There were no people around or else they gave the screaming baby a wide berth and went the other way.

I suppose walking in the rain early in the morning isn’t for everyone!


So on I waddled, Ewan still crying, me losing all sense of reason and thinking that a tree will fall on us and we’ll be lost forever. All I had told Steve was that we were going to look for bluebells, a cute description but not a lot for the Gardai to go on.

I thought about ringing Steve but then thought what could he actually do, I didn’t even know the name of the woods and my Nokia 3100c doesn’t exactly have GPS.

About 40 minutes passed. My face was the colour of a bright tomato and I was still sweating, Ewan had snot smeared across his face from the crying, and I was starting to panic.  I thought if I see one more bluebell I will actually scream!


Eventually, I came across a path that ran by the river. This must be the edge  I thought and the gate must be by the edge. I was debating whether to turn left or right when I came across a couple walking their dog. I was so excited and relieved to see other people I started to waddle towards them with a crying Ewan swinging in front of me.  They gave me a sympathetic but nervous smile and directions for the quickest way to the elusive gate. They jogged on and stopped every now and again turning back signaling what way to go.

At one point I started jogging after them, this must have been quiet the sight! “Excuse me, excuse me. I forgot to ask, Is it far?” ” Only about 5 or 8 minutes walk” .

After a total of an hour and a half walking this was the best news ever! My shoulders ached, Ewan must have had various leg cramps from being dangled in front of me for so long and I was done with nature.

I was dying to go to the bathroom and considered peeing by the car before we left. Luckily, I noticed a sign saying CCTV In Operation.

The last thing I needed was to end up on you tube as the crazed,sweating lady peeing in the woods so I decided to just get in the car and go home.

I’ve learnt many things after our “adventure”, always pee before you leave home, baby-wearing sucks, bluebells are pretty but I’ve had my fill and last but not least getting lost is definitely over rated.

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I got rid of my Smart Phone

Posted on 12 May, 2014

rotary telephone receiver

So the months trial is over and the decision is made.

Goodbye i-phone 4S, hello Nokia 3100c.

For those of you that are new to the blog I went a month without my using my i-phone. The idea was that I would trial going back to my old Nokia phone in an attempt to become less obsessed with my phone, it’s apps and endless internet links.  It’s not exactly the most riveting news in the world. “Woman changes phone” but it interests me so I’ll have a go at writing about it.


I’m happier without it. It sounds strange I know. What harm can a little phone do? It didn’t cause me any harm but it did lure me in more often than I liked and I struggled to put it down. I would take a photograph, post it on Instagram and then check  minutes later wondering why no one had liked it yet. It’s a very nice tea cup, what’s not to like! Why aren’t people liking the tea cup?

When trying to stay away failed  I would check again,someone has liked it. Why has only one person liked it so far? Do I need more hashtags?

These are not rational thoughts.

I would look at twitter and suddenly I have spent ten minutes taking a quiz about which Sex and the City star I’m most like (Carrie apparently). Not the end of the world but not really fun either, just passing time.

I couldn’t watch a film without IMBD-ing at least one character to figure out what I knew them from.

I’d start at point A and end up zig zagging across the internet to things that pass time. Not necessarily things that entertained but clicking random things of vague interest.


I gave the example to a friend about how at 4 or 5am while heating up a bottle for Ewan (yep he’s waking at night now and yes I use a microwave to heat the bottle) I would check Instagram, check Facebook and twitter and see if there were any new comments or likes.

She made the valid point that I’m not going to pick up a book for those 30 seconds. She’s right but I can just stand there and wait. Every second of my day doesn’t need to be filled with something. I’m not being productive by checking my iphone I’m passing seconds.

If anything it’s unproductive because my ultimate goal is not to wake up at all, feed Ewan in a sleepy haze and go back to bed. I don’t necessarily want to wake myself up more by looking at gooey cakes, earthy woodsy children and nice wall paper. These things are pretty but I really don’t need to see them at 5 in the morning. They are images without context, story or meaning just pretty things. nothing wrong with that but I need to go to sleep.

Just use it less…

Well that’s the obvious answer isn’t it. Use it less. It sounds so easy. After the months trial I turned it on again to retrieve a phone number and  I felt like Golum holding the precious ring. I felt a rush, elated even.  I felt my heart quicken as the apps re-installed.

A few days later old habits kicked in. I would pick it up first thing in the morning, I would pick it up when playing with Ewan to take a picture and get lost in it until he came over to see what I was looking at.  I would panic when I didn’t know where it was. Time passed when I looked at it and  I didn’t even realise how long. I would never consciously ignore someone to look at my phone but it would happen without me noticing.

“Dinner is ready” Steve said, “Great, thanks” I’d reply with my head in the phone. “Actually, on the table now” ,”Yep, I’m coming” as I waited for the video of the worlds craziest intersection  to finish. It’s just rude, I didn’t mean to be, I just really wanted to see if the cars were going to collide!

Most people can handle it and know when to ignore it but for me it’s easier just to opt out. So the i-phone is now off, uncharged and back in it’s box away.

The Nokia 3100C, with it’s amazing battery life, gets pride of place in my handbag and I’ve started to pack my little Canon camera in beside it so I can take photos (actual visible ones which my Nokia struggles with) and videos whenever I like.

I’m not saying smart phones are bad I’m saying I’m happier without mine.

I look down less and I like that.

That’s all.


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Little things

Posted on 9 May, 2014

I'm okay with weeds in the garden

I’m okay with weeds in the garden.

This week I’ve been making more of an effort to notice little things. Here are a few:

– I passed a builder whistling “Killing me Softly” the other day. He was really good and the song was totally identifiable. I can only whistle by sucking air in (don’t ask, it barely makes a noise but I call it whistling!) so I was super impressed.

– I turned around the corner to walk up the hill home and there was a tourist running down the hill with their headphones on and hands out. I can’t be sure but i think their eyes might have been closed too or else they were caught up in the moment. She put her hands down and fixed her jacket when she saw me. I smiled. (I’m presuming tourist because of the backpack, she might just be a local and this is how she does hills but I still think tourist, you do funnier things when on holidays).

– There are a few dads in the neighbourhood that I pass on my travels who bring their kids to creches or pre-school or somewhere. As I go about my day I generally pass at least one of the dads on a trip. Yesterday I passed one of the dads and over heard  him say ” okay it’s green, well then we would call it land of the forgotten…” I wanted to turn around and follow him, wait what’;s green? forgotten what????


Did you spot anything fun this week?

Out and About

Posted on 30 April, 2014




At the start of this week we saw some beautiful sunshine.  It felt like we skipped Spring and went straight to Summer. Although Irish people have a distinct fear of early good weather. I heard “Might as well enjoy, This will be our summer” more times this week than I can count. Well Enjoy it we did. We took to the beach, sun tan lotion shorts and all. It’s still April I hear you shout, where are your jackets! Well you’d be right and when the threatening clouds came by we hit the road again.

IMG_1478 IMG_1471
Garyvoe beach Cork

Hanging on


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Sun and garden

Posted on 17 April, 2014

After talking for a long time in the last post I thought I’d lower the word count and instead share some photos from a sunny week in Cork.

We spent many many hours in the garden …

Ireland has the advantage of not having anything too scary in the animal department. St Patrick got rid of our snakes (pure fact) and our spot on the edge of the atlantic ocean  means we only get very moderate animals. So there is no risk of waking up to a tiger raiding your fridge.
Here are a few non-scaries that the graced the garden this week.

Ewan very nearly ate our little slug visitor but I noticed just in time. This little guy didn’t seem to notice how close a slobbery mouth really was.

We also visited friends and their duck and chickens. Ewan is a major duck fan so this is pretty much like Disneyland.

Tomorrow, Ewan turns one and it’s safe to say the grown ups are excited! We are baking an Elmo cake in preparation for the big day. We’ll continue the search for animals in Fota Wildlife park tomorrow and then off for a short break to Heir Island.  Expect a bombardment of photos once we are back!

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Nothing fancy

Posted on 28 March, 2014

Today’s post is nothing fancy, no flights, no markets, no hectic schedule, it’s just home.

As well as making a mess we spent some time in the glass house, where some of my seeds are starting to make an appearance…

We made some pumping tunes…
and I admired the flowers we bought for a neighbour.
This weekend will be following the low-key trend (hopefully).  I plan to get some of the Berlin stock up in the shop, go swimming, meet a friend for lunch and enjoying my first Mother’s day!
I hope you have a lovely weekend. See you Monday:)

Staying home

Posted on 20 March, 2014

I’m trying to save my thrifty pennies for the trip to Berlin so this week has involved a lot of staying in (excluding St Patrick’s day of course!) and staying out of second hand shops, antique shops and flea markets!

I’m not sure it’s entirely logical to stay away from potential vintage goodies here so that I can buy things 1,963 kilometres away but logical or not it’ll be an adventure!

Staying away from shops means trying to entertain Ewan at home. The best excitement for him is being outside. It wins hands down every time! I don’t even have to be entertaining. The passing birds, planes and sirens are enough to make him happy and curious!

It has also kept my idle hands busy. The garden is still a mess but now it’s a mess with seeds in it.  I’m starting off some seeds in the glass house and hoping to have amazing things to show you by summer! Fingers crossed.
There is nothing major to report yet on the 100 bluebells but I’ll keep you posted!

Despite the fact that it’s the first day of spring the weather is a mixed bag so here is how we have been keeping ourselves entertained when the rain or cold have driven us inside.

At this point in time everything is new to him and he is taking it all in so much more than before. Sometimes I feel pressure to show him so many new things as I can,to find a new activity, to join a new group but choosing to stay close to home for a few days has made me figure out that a basin of water and a splash around is fun!
I know a time will come when he’ll think these things are ridiculous but for the moment I get to enjoy him enjoying something new and if I’m honest I think the bubbles were mainly for my own benefit! Even at the tender age of 31 I still love them and I kept blowing bubbles long after Ewan had crawled away. They are cheap and so cheerful, what’s not to love!