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Car Boot Sale, wow

Posted on 1 September, 2014

This weekend I shook of a cold, dusted off  my supplies and choose my car boot sale destinations! Usually I go to car boot sales on my own but this Sunday I decided to bring Ewan.

Unfortunately, he has neither the dedication or focus it takes to make it as an assistant and requires substantial training.

Sleeping until 9 o’clock is simply unacceptable on the morning of a car boot sale!  Generally an early riser, he decided to enjoy the comforts of his bed two hours longer than normal while I lay awake in the room next door debating if it would be crazy to wake him and thinking of the bargains I could be missing. I decided to wait.

When we eventually got there (close to 10 o’clock, I mean really!) he made up for his tardiness by bringing a level of good cheer and excitement that you don’t often see at car boot sales! He walked around saying “wow” at every wheel he saw and trailer got a louder “wow”. Sellers started saying “wow” back to him and the wows spread!


(Side note: He is carrying my hair roller which he has adopted as his toy!!)

 Also it turns out we have different tastes when it comes to what catches our eye. For him it’s a sheet filled with cars and trucks and he showed no interest in Irish made pottery at all. I clearly haven’t taught anything.


  It was proved almost impossible to look at things and make sure he didn’t wander off all at the same time.

Despite the difficulties we did have good fun. While there was no major haul Ewan came home with a new dinky and I found this Carrigaline Pottery butter dish that I’m pretty mad about.



I always try and buy things for the shop that I’d like to keep if they don’t sell. I am seriously tempted just to keep this but since I’m trying very hard not to be a hoarder it will make it’s way to the shop soon(ish), I swear!!


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Seventies tastic

Posted on 21 August, 2014

I realise I said that I was putting a halt to buying things for the shop but this set literally called at me from across the street. That may be an incorrect use of the word literally but if they could talk they would have screamed ” buy me, I’m soooo retro”. I saw this in a second hand shop when we were on holidays. It was unfortunate timing because I had just told Steve at the last second hand shop that was really the last one I was going to make us go to. So after some “oooh just one more, this really is the last one” pleading he generously succumbed and I got the set.  I mean would you look at the cuteness, it would have been all kinds of madness to leave it behind!

Kiln Craft Bacchaus 1972

Thanks to the wonders of Retro Pottery Net (that site is like pottery heaven by the way!) I discovered that this Kiln Craft Bacchaus set was introduced in 1972.  That makes a lot of sense when you look at the pattern, it’s all kinds of seventies tastic!


Also the helpful ladies in the second hand shop explained to me that this was a coffee pot rather than tea pot (which I had been calling it) because the open shape of the spout where it joins the body of the pot would mean that the tea bag would get stuck in it so the pot therefore it was intended for coffee.  This made sense but I had my suspicions.I didn’t share my suspicions with the ladies as all three of them were adamant and keen to make sure I was clear about the difference.


But before I declared to the world my new found knowledge I went home and googled it.  Just as well too because the good ole internet tells a different tale!

Apparently the spout position is determined by the drink it’s intended to hold. So tea leaves float to the top so tea pots have their spouts join the body of the pot in the middle, like this Kilncraft pot. Also ground coffee sinks so coffee spouts generally higher up body of the pot. So with some dismay I’m going to over rule the three enthusiastic sales assistants and go ahead and call it a tea pot.  This TEA set is already in the shop I’m getting quicker at this shop thing:)



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Bad shop keeper

Posted on 14 August, 2014

Tonight was meant to be  “sit down and do some shop maintenance” time.  That has since been abandoned.

See the problem with the shop is that people buy things and then all of a sudden it starts to look empty. The truth is our hallway is full of stuff that is waiting to be in the shop.  But it has come to light that the shop doesn’t seem to be able to manage itself. This is an Etsy design flaw clearly:)

Instead of uploading items tonight I’ve opted for uploading one item to relieve the guilt somewhat and comfort eating with crisps. I’m generally not so lethargic but today has been trying and an evening of nothing too taxing is called for. So instead I’ve browsed my shop which is fun and I don’t really do that often.  In doing so I’ve noticed that I definitely have a red thing going on. I’m a fan of red I just never realised how much that influences what I buy for the shop.

You have to admit it’s pretty damn cheery though!

red etsy

While tonight calls for crisps and tea (not together I haven’t lost my mind entirely) I have plenty of items, photographed, measured and weighed ready for uploading super soon so stay tuned.


Arklow Shark

Posted on 5 June, 2014





It turns out the sunny south east is a good place for thrifting. I managed to squeeze in a village market and a car boot sale into my bank holiday weekend. Having on tap baby sitters is one of life’s true pleasures!

In my hunts I picked up mainly Irish made pieces which always makes me happy. I hunted out some Carrigaline pottery (blue and white strips and tan stripes)  a retro Barry’s tea tin, a Celtic Ceramic salt and pepper set which didn’t really go with my scone and tea photos but I thought the little condiments jar from that set could get away with it.


carrigaline pottery striped plates and cupI was also very excited about retro travel scrabble set. Scrabble is by far the best game in the world ever. I get competitive and over excited playing it but then again that goes for most board games.

I also picked up some sheffield steel bone handle knives. I’m in the midst of online research about sheffield steel and I have to say there are nicer ways to spend sunny mornings! If I find anything interesting I’ll let you know, nothing to report so far.

vintage travel scrabble

As you may know I’m a big Arklow pottery fan but I think I’ve met my match. There was a man at the car boot sale who I named Arklow Shark who was dashing around the stalls buying everything Arklow. It was Dad who noticed him but by the time we spotted him he had done the whole car boot sale and was carrying a hefty load. He bought a whole Arklow tea set for €20. It was such a bargain and jealousy still runs through me! I considered harming him and stealing his finds but for some reason I thought better of it. Next time, Arklow Shark man, next time!!

I did however manage to pick up a few lovely Arklow pieces as people were unpacking them (yes it can get crazy out there!). The retro flowery plate is Arklow. I placed the scone on it as a little trophy to it for not being swallowed up by the Arklow Shark.

There are more goodies but alas this is all that I could squeeze into the photos!

arklow pottery shannon pattern plate arklow pottery "shannon" pattern, travel scrabble, carrigaline potteryIMG_4056

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Back in the car booting saddle

Posted on 28 May, 2014

Last Sunday we took our time getting into the day and so when I was ready for the car boot sale it was 11:20. This is a ridiculously late hour to rock up to a car boot sale. 11:20 is literally hours too late. I also dragged Steve and Ewan with me. Steve would liken car boot sales to a form of unbearable torture and makes for a very unimpressed companion although generous enough not to rush me.

As expected when arriving so late there was little of note on offer. But it was ages since I have been to a car boot sale so I was going to give this my all! I was determined not to leave empty handed and so after many rounds of the stalls I found a Hornsea salt, pepper and vinegar set.

All things vinegar remind me of my Dad who LOVES the stuff. Add that to the fact it is same saffron pattern which broke the spell of me never finding Hornsea  then how could I leave it behind. The same lady also had this lovely sauce boat that she pulled out at the last minute. The sauce boat is made by Johnson Brothers the same elusive brothers that made this retro beauty.

Things with the shop have been going well and I’m ever so slowly starting to get more things for sale all this means you can expect more thrift finds from me over the next few weeks so stay tuned:)

IMG_2399 IMG_2352 IMG_2357-001 IMG_2364 IMG_2366

I’m sharing these little finds with Sir Thrift A lot.IMG_2378

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Back to School

Posted on 23 May, 2014

This week has been a haze of delightful guests, eating out and lunch dates. No complaints here.

To add to the fun I picked up this very cute old school desk for Ewan in my favourite browsing spot. I was looking for admiralty charts of West Cork which a friend had spotted for me. Unfortunately, the charts were sold but this little set was waiting for me.

old irish raleigh school desks, made in ireland

raleigh, made in ireland, school desk


made in ireland, school desk, vintage school desk

I realise that Ewan is only one but you’re never too young for a good dose of education.

Plus playing peek a boo with the lid never gets old:)


I was in search of a copy book with the map of Ireland in the back. You know the way you buy a new desk then you want to buy it accessories!

Alas, it seems the world of copy books has moved on since my day. I rejected the new snazzy copy books and I happily settled for a Peter and Jane book from the flea market instead.

I’m pretty sure the desk feels more at home now that it houses some retro books. I’m sharing this week with We Call it Junkin and A Living Space, Sir Thrift Alot and Me and My Shadow!


vintage Peter and Jane books

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Thrift and Sun

Posted on 15 May, 2014

Whenever there is sunlight I now have a compulsion to go outside and photograph something in it. So early this morning the baby monitor and I sneaked out to take some photographs of a bowl I bought at a car boot sale a while back. It is far too large and heavy to ship so I have decided to keep it. Plus I have a long term goal of turning it into a sink basin but that’s for another day.


I accidentaly got in the shot when I had put it on a timer. I liked it but I was making a ridiculous expression. My face was saying “huh” at the camera so I tried it again only this time more staged.

IMG_1917I picked up the dress in a charity shop a few weeks ago and it’s my new favourite thing! You are forgiven if you thought I was wearing a nightdress. It has that kind of a look about it but rest assured it’s not made for bed time.

IMG_1920 IMG_1952 IMG_1979

I have no idea if the bowl is old or new. It simply says Fruit on the bottom. But the joins of the rim below make me thing it’s new (ish) and that the pattern printer thing (that’s the technical name) went a bit wonky (again another technical term).

Update: Thanks to Aniko’s comment below I’ve looked up transfer prints which has been around since the 1750’s, so maybe it’s not so new after all. I’m definitely going to try and find out more before I drill a hole in it!



Posted on 7 May, 2014

I have a little confession to make.

I have, yet again, been holding back from you! Oh yes!

I bought this wonderful set a while ago and I stowed them all away. I even considered keeping them all to myself. They still aren’t in the shop but they will be going there. I really, really,really can’t keep anymore tea sets!

The reason I wanted to keep these is obvious, they are lovely!


I love blue and white pottery pieces and this set has nailed the look. Plus they were made in 1982 which is the year I was born. I originally took this as a sign that I must keep them but that’s not a real reason now is it?


They are made by Myott and the pattern has the fun name of Finlandia, which sounds a little mythical or like the vodka! Some of you may remember the other Myott set and the post with the old picture of their old factory. (Yes,those still aren’t in the shop either!)

I like that set but I have to say I prefer these. It’s probably wrong to have a favourite but there you go. If that makes me a bad mother of tea cups then for that I am sorry!

IMG_1636IMG_1640They are so cheery that even in the greyish light of the morning they look bright and fresh!


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Do you love all things blue and white too or is it just me? Find anything good recently?

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Posted on 28 April, 2014

As I mentioned I stopped off on the way home from Heir Island in a little Thrift Shop in a town called Leap (what a great name!). When you have a thrifting addiction you’ll happily ditch your family at the side of the road to make an unscheduled stop without a molecule of guilt.

Just as well too because if I didn’t I would have missed these three pretty things.

The painting of daisies was housed in a horrible frame, I’m launching a search for a nicer frame to show it off properly.

The vase is made by Villeroy and Boch, I have a few of their other pieces marked on Etsy for my next purchase. The gift card is burning a hole in my pocket and every time I visit Etsy the balance is there looking at me in bright green waiting to be spent.
I hadn’t seen the pattern on this vase before and when I looked it up it’s a version of the Brindille pattern. Villeroy and Boch started using this pattern in 1770! 
How crazy is that!! 
55 years before the famine this pattern was dressing up European side boards! This is too mad for me to get my head around!

The red pot comes with no markings or historical connections. We have a similar shaped pot in green and it’s endlessly handy and has the distinct advantage of making everything you put in it look pretty.

These will at some point be making there way to my Etsy shop.

I have considered a grovelling apology for how long it is taking me to get all the finds up to the shop but instead I’ll focus on what I have put in the shop.

Slowly but surely I’m getting there, more to come at some point, soon (ish) I hope!

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Four Seasons

Posted on 10 April, 2014

I bought this tea set in the antique flea market in Berlin. When I bought it the lady and I were conducting our negotiations with our fingers. As I suggested less fingers she would continue to show the same amount of fingers and point enthusiastically to the label on the bottom. It read “Vier Jahreszeiten Original Design”. I smiled and shrugged. Since my German isn’t good enough for numbers it certainly isn’t good enough to translate Vier Jahreszeiten!

Vier Jahreszeiten original design, four seasons original design

Now that I am home and can use the internet without fear of horrific roaming charges I’ve learnt that Vier Jahreszeiten means the Four Seasons. Ooohhh that what she meant, they are fancy fancy so she thought her price (number of fingers) was reasonable. Only a few weeks later and I’ve deciphered our conversation.

Some hotels would be fancy and then there are others like the Four Seasons hotels that I can’t imagine going to due to their level of fanciness and are therefore they are classed as fancy fancy!

Before you ask there are no fancy fancy fancy hotels, that would just be silly!

I bought them because I thought they were unusual and a little nerdy, in a good way. I was imagining a bird watcher having these in a bird watcher’s tower rather than a fancy fancy hotel.

tea set with birds
As coincidence would have it when I was out photographing these spring finds when a turf war broke out between the local birds.
It was a noisy and drawn out debacle and a lot of birds got their feathers ruffled. I tried explaining that there was enough trees for everyone but the war raged on.
I’m not one for pointing fingers but these two definitely started it.


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