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Return of the Mac

Posted on 24 August, 2015

Ladies and gents it has been 3 weeks and 3 days since my last blog post. I feel like my return should be profound, “While I’ve been away I have done some soul searching and decided to give away all my possessions. I now live in a field with only a lone flip flop to my name. I share this flip flop with a homeless man called Gerald ” or ” Since I last posted I have traveled to a country you’ve never heard of and helped eradicate a disease so complex in it’s make up that it was thought to have the power to erase all human life as we know it”.


What has actually happened is that I have learnt six incredibly important things in the last three weeks:

1) you don’t press down on a burger when you are frying it because it squeezes all the good juices out.

2) Rich tea biscuits from Lidl cost 20 cents and are pretty darn good.

3) It turns out horses are made from socks, a stick and a broken handbag strap, who knew!

IMG_2278 text


4) Another nature lesson. River rats are actually adorable. Although they should unionize and work on a new name for themselves.



5)  Ewan going to playschool for the first time tomorrow has me fretting but he seems totally fine with it.



6) Now, this is the big one folks.

After months of waiting, urging and stretching, my hair is finally long enough for a top knot!!

Oh yes.

My top knot dreams have come true. While I have been waiting for me hair to grow I had envisaged my top knot transforming my tracksuit bottom days. No longer would I look like a woman too lazy to get dressed into non-elasticated clothing. Instead I would appear like a ballerina who happens to have a day off from her hectic dance schedule and whose hair gathers effortlessly, yet stylishly, on the top of her head . It’s a tall ask for a bit of hair and elastic but it’s safe to say I’ve totally nailed it!


See, my time spent away from blogging has been time very well spent!

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It takes a village

Posted on 27 July, 2015

There are a lot of things to lament about holidays pre-toddler. Book reading, relaxing, lie-ins, slow lingering breakfasts and drinking with wanton abandonment because I could sleep in until the hangover passed. With our two year old ray of sunshine, mornings on our holidays got brought forward to 5:30am for the first week. I fear he takes ray of sunshine too literally and wakes in full vocal glory with the first break of sunlight. Luckily we have discovered  the secret to holidaying with a toddler. The answer is so simple I don’t know why I haven’t shared it before. All you need is a team of 9 people and one dog. A mixture of adults and older children works best. The key is to exclude parents of other small children. They are too busy with their children to offer  assistance towards parenting yours and therefore are an unwelcome addition.

The second week of our holiday the house filled and the answer to how do we have a more relaxing time became apparent. We figured out that the exact number of people needed to entertain a toddler for 10.5 hours a day is 9 people and one dog. The tasks were divided neatly into walking, reading, playing trains, drawing trains, falling over dramatically when Ewan throws a ball towards you, building sand castles and/or splashing with Ewan, chasing butterflies, jumping in muddy puddles (Thank you Peppa!) and bringing an endless supplies of food to Ewan. With 9 people to share around the tasks (and a dog to fill the gaps) it meant I got plenty of time to ponce around with my camera while Ewan declared ” I go play with the boys Mammy”. Win, win.

The knock on effect of mass parenting was that he was exhausted and slept in until nearly 8 most mornings racking up an extra 2 and a half hours sleep every morning. Now that’s a holiday!

Here are a few pictures from my aforementioned poncing, if you’ll excuse me I’m off to reach communes, they could be on to something!


Goose Barnicles


Sea Lavender




Alfie minding the bag


Sea Lavender

Green Eyed Thrift Monster

Posted on 5 January, 2015

Yesterday, Steve prompted me to look at our friend Dee’s Instagram account. Knowing me well he forewarned me that I was  going to be jealous. I now check Instagram on my laptop because I’ve chosen to rid my life of the iPhone. So as I scanned and scanned through the images from strangers to try and get to her photo I thought “what could be so great that I have to check now”

. Then there it was, a true vision in olive

catherine holm olive tea pot


Nothing in life can prepare you for the moment that one of your best friends reaches thrifting Mecca. No amount of yogic breath can calm the adrenaline of seeing a Catherine Holm piece on your friends table.  I would love to say I handled it gracefully, but I did not. I rang her instantly to get all the who, what, where, when details. If ,like me, you can’t fathom a Catherine Holm piece (let alone a near mint tea pot!!) turning up in a charity shop in Cork then the details may help you.

Who- Dee found herself.

What Price: I hope you are sitting down 3 euro 50!!

Where: The sneaky charity shop in North Main St Shopping Centre (Cork) that everyone forgets is there .

When: Last Friday (02.01.2015).

If this was a beauty pagent I would have been the sore loser who stormed the stage throwing myself onto my knees screaming “It should have been mmmeeeeeee”. Finding a Catherine Holm teapot in the wild is something I have actually dreamt about and I went on a bit about it in this post!

I tried telling myself all the facts. Dee is a costume and set designer and is constantly in and out of charity shops and has given them so much business that it’s befitting that she find something amazing. She didn’t know it was Catherine Holm or of its significance in the world of vintage enamelware she just bought because she liked it. I reasoned that this was a good thing because she wasn’t swayed by the name or hype around Catherine Holm.

Also while I dreamed about finding a Catherine Holm piece in Cork for less than a fiver once awake I never thought it would happen but it did happen, okay not to me, but the fact that it happened should be cause for thrifting hope.

All of this being said I was not all feeling that reasonable about the whole thing.

I tried just telling myself “there’s no point being jealous” but it’s only now after nearly 24 hours of trying to tame the green eyed monster that I have finally found a solution.

I have made up a scenario of what could have happened to the tea pot if Dee had not bought it. There are a few versions but the most helpful one is this:

Two friends are shopping. One friend wants to go into the charity shop in North Main Shopping centre. The other friend thinks that second hand shops smell but agrees to go in because it’s raining. While she tries not to touch anything her other friend sneaks off to buy her the Catherine Holm tea pot which she is convinced her friend will love.  She meekly thanks her friend for the present but has no idea why her friend thought that she’d like it. It doesn’t even match the style of her kitchen. She goes home and throws the tea pot straight into the bin. The rubbish collection is swift in her area and soon the Catherine Holm tea pot is confined  to the rubbish heap forever.

This scenario has helps endless my jealousy. Dee was meant to find. She will love it and care for it, give it a good home and drink copious amounts of tea from it. As for me, I get to visit the tea pot tomorrow and I’m pretty sure time heals all thrifting wounds:)

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Happy Christmas

Posted on 22 December, 2014

I will bid you adieu for 2014. I hope you have a wonderful break. I plan to eat, drink and be merry as much as the season demands!

Thank you to everyone who has stopped by the blog, especially to those of you that came back and another big thanks to my shop customers and anyone gave me an encouraging word when it wasn’t going so well.

Happy Christmas to you all and here’s to a happy 2015,xx



Irish Blogs I love

Posted on 27 November, 2014

One of the great things about getting nominated for the Irish Blog Awards was sniffing out the competition which resulted in a lot of new Irish blog addictions! There are some great Irish blogs out there that keep me entertained as well as giving me a little gentle push to up my game!

As an aside I want to say again thank you so much to everyone who voted for me in the Blog Awards. In the end I came 30th out of 200 and something. (I say two hundred and something because I did a very rough and inaccurate count!). I was chuffed with that and I’m so thrilled that people voted. I have the best readers and I’ve been given such a warm welcome to the blogging world!

Anyway, back to the task at hand. Here are some of my favourites Irish Blogs. Some I found through the Blog Awards, some I’ve followed for years and others I stumbled across and got hooked!love irish blog

Vintage: First up is  Brand New Retro. If you haven’t seen this site pop over right now! It’s a site all about vintage Irish pop culture. They are digitising old images, magazines articles and adverts and it’s all completely addictive! Next up isTurquoise Flamingo. I placed the blog in the vintage category but it could fit in nearly all the others too. It’s a great mix of life, vintage and DIY. My favourite posts are the ones of her and her daughter just doing their thing. Next is Thrifted Treasures. I followed her blog when she was in Australia and now she’s moved home to Ireland she falls nicely into the Irish blog category. My favourite thing about her site is when she shows off her vintage collections. It makes me absolutely green with envy, in a good way!

Food : First and foremost is Lilly Higgins, basically I love everything she does and her blog is no exception. It feels like a nice relaxed space that is filled with cakes, what’s not to love.  Next up is  Edible Ireland, I was hooked as soon as I saw her banner heading. It makes me smile everytime I see it! I have also just bought her book Slainte which is a complete guide to Irish craft beer and cider and my only regret is that it is a present for someone else! Next is  Eat well Travel Far Love Often, for me this site is just food porn. I’m all about image when it comes to this blog everything makes me make that “homana homana” noise!

( I’m trying to keep it to three a category so I won’t mention that I also love Like Mam used to Bake!)

Fashion : I came across Rua Ruth through the blog awards and I’m hooked. Some of my recent favourites are Dublin’s loveliest loos and I’m waiting with baited breath for more photos from her recent trip to Marrakesh!  Pink Elephant is not to be confused with either the restaurant in Cork or the very strong beer with a pink elephant as its logo. My favourite thing about their blog is their Penneys  Picks, who doesn’t love Penneys! Next is Teddy and Alex  all I will say is go forth and swoon!

Parenting : The first is Ouch my Fanny Hurts. As you might be able to tell from the title of her blog she doesn’t hold back on the honesty front and she makes me laugh out loud. Similarly,  The Airing Cupboard is a straight talking parent blog and this is definitely my kind of parenting blog. No pretense, mess, poo, sleep deprivation anything goes! (Plus I love her “About” page and pretty much just want to copy it!).  Office Mum is another firm favourite. My addiction to the blog started with her Office Mum Stories section. It’s a series of interviews with mum’s living in Ireland who work full time or part time (with some stay at home mum’s too) and I find it compelling!! If you want to know how Mums in Ireland juggle their lives and how they feel about it then pop over and have a look.

Last but not least I have two other favourites that I want to mention one is Evin Ok. It’s a crafty blog with life put in the mix too. One of my favourite recent posts was where she asked readers to complete a survey about which potential book cover they prefer.  I love a good survey, I actually do! It’s one of life’s underrated pleasures if you ask me! Anyway, the cover I voted for ended up as the choosen cover and I like to think that every vote (especially my vote) counts!  I will leave you with Foxglove Lane and all I can say is that I dare you not to be impressed!

Phew!  I have a bigger Irish blog addiction than I thought.

Now your turn, what are your favourite Irish blogs? Who have I missed?

If you have a blog feel free to take the image and make your own Irish blog love list. I’d love to see!


Learning to dress myself again…

Posted on 29 October, 2014

18 months ago I had a baby and 9 months before that my body started to change. Today my body is different to how it was. I have a wardrobe filled with cute vintage dresses and I fit into about half of them. The other half I keep in hope or stubbornness I’m not sure.

But in a way this is an opportunity. I have been wearing the same kind of thing for a decade or longer. Only now have I started to think that I could wear something else. Steering myself away from a particular style is harder than you’d think. My body gravitates to knee length dresses with a pinched waist and full (ish) skirt and my eye skips past the rest of the clothing in the shop and making it do otherwise has been tricky.

But as cling is no longer my thing and boyfriend baggy clothes make me look swamped  I started to look towards more structured clothes. After much debate I bought this Zara jump suit. I am so far from being a jumpsuit person that I can never remember what they are called and I keep telling people I bought a cat suit!

Armed with a curling thongs I decided I was going to commit to the jump suit!

photo 2 (15)

I’m not one for styling so I went for practicality, flat shoes so I can walk and a kimono because I feel naked without some kind of cardigan on at all times. This kimono has escaped  being placed in a bag for the charity shop many times over the years. I felt that it’s time was coming, at some point it would prove a good investment and now about 8 years later I was proven right!



I am also not one for make up. I’m so pale that I often have a blueish hue but that’s what my skin looks like. Pretending it’s another colour or painting it a different colour doesn’t make sense to me .  For me I’m more concerned about learning to stand for a photograph than I am about what colour I look like in the end. Even at the age of 32 I still haven’t quiet got the hang of what to do with myself and my arms when I’m being photographed so I end up making scared faces …



or doing some inexplicable hand gesture!


But nevertheless it was fun to dress up and try something new. My new shape isn’t foreign or alien it’s just different to what I had and different to what I’m used to. It has taken me 18 months to realise that battling with the same zips every month is not helpful and the time has come to try something new and get excited about clothes again and jump into something new:)