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Breastfeeding in vintage clothes

Posted on 12 August, 2016

One of the biggest hurdles for me with breastfeeding is figuring out what to wear. My favourite styles are vintage shift dress, actually shift dresses of all kinds and almost everything else I wear has a boat neckline. To breastfeed in most of my clothes would involve sitting in my underwear with a dress scrunched up around my neck. Not a great look.  While breastfeeding vests under my tops and a pair of jeans seems to solve a lot of problems I miss the joy of a nice dresses. The big reason I favour dresses is that it is one choice and I’m done. Only one item that needs to be clean and dry. You don’t have to match anything with anything. I repeat one thing and I’m done. That’s the way to do it.

Plus a good dress makes me happy.

For the moment I am choosing to breastfeeding and while it’s going well I don’t plan on investing in a new wardrobe to facilitate feeding for a few months. So my mission was to buy a few vintage pieces that I can wear when I’m not breastfeeding but which also allow me to get my boobs out at a moments notice !  By Jove I think I’ve got it.

Turns out all you really need to rock a breastfeeding vintage dress is buttons. Well that and some give in the material but essentially buttons do the job. Also Cork has such great vintage shops that I managed to buy vintage and local, score!

First up is this seventies number from Turquoise Flamingo. I LOVE this dress. It’s really comfy, light enough to wear now and in the winter some tights will give it another lease of life.


IMG_3896 IMG_3897-001

Generally, I do wear shoes but it was early in the morning with a small window of opportunity so the search for my sandals was abandoned.


In real life I wear it with a giant black nappy changing bag but for the picture I added a dainty bag that I picked up from Mother Jones Flea Market.


The second dress I’ve found is this pink beauty from Mercury Goes Retrograde. It’s impossible for me to go into this shop and not buy something. Trust me I’ve tried and it is actually impossible!




In the few weeks that I have owned this vintage gem I have worn it to a wedding, the supermarket, the beach and Freya’s naming ceremony making it the best catch-all dress of all time.


Vintage skirts and shirts are next on my wish list.

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Vintage Fashion and a rescue

Posted on 10 February, 2015

Today I headed out in the cold to take some photos of a vintage dress I bought this weekend. I bought three second hand dresses and had great plans to take pictures of all three to show you. As it turns out the day took a turn so it’s a one dress affair for today. I bought this dress from Mercury Goes Retrograde in Drawbridge Street and I love it. This shop is one of my favourite spots for vintage clothes and I always something to tempt me which is why I try to limit my visits there!

IMG_9729 IMG_9711

IMG_9771 IMG_9772 I ran around during Ewan’s nap time with tripod in hand and the camera set to timer. It turns out the whole thing took a lot longer than I had expected and so I roped Steve in to taking some pictures once I ran out of nap time. Leaving Ewan loose near a tri-pod has never ended well. Steve graciously obliged but on his way back in he happened to lock us in the back garden!



We live in a terrace and we couldn’t get through the neighbours’ gardens. Without my phone banging on the back door and screaming “STTEEEEVVVEE”  was all I could think of doing. None of this helped as his office is to the front of the house and so he worked away oblivious. Shrieking over the wall at our hard-of-hearing neighbour didn’t yield any results either (other than making Ewan cry) So after 50 minutes of banging, throwing things at windows, stacking up the garden furniture to try and scale the wall eventually a kind builder at a neighbours house heard us and sent someone around to ring the door bell. Luckily Steve answered the door to be told ” Your missus is stuck in the garden” and so Steve came to rescue us from our frozen state. A couple of cups of tea later and blanket snuggles for Ewan and all is well again. Who would have thought taking photos in the garden would lead to such a hullabaloo!!

Taken before we figured out were locked out!

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Busy with buttons

Posted on 22 January, 2015

You’ll never get rich with buttons is a phrase that I’m sure somebody has said once.  Nevertheless it’s  vintage buttons that I have been spending my time with. As I’ve mentioned before I have stopped buying things for the shop until I manage to list everything I have. This means figuring out how best to list, manage and post some of the heavier, delicate or glass items I’ve brought into the house with the intention of selling.

The reality is that somethings become so costly to ship safely that not only would it be difficult to do but no one would be willing to pay the cost. So I have taken the advice given to me by some of the readers of the blog and followers of the shop and focused on the smaller items that would be easier to ship.

I’m aiming to have my collection of vintage buttons, packaged and ready to go. I realise that the button market isn’t a huge money spinner but right now I’m just experimenting with the shop and trying to see what I can do to change how the shop works to make it more managable. Plus in January no one has a lot of money to go around so buttons would make a nice treat without breaking the bank!  To present the buttons I’ve been getting busy making custom made cards.IMG_9223 less mb


 And these are the results.

IMG_9240IMG_9283 I’m pleased with how they look. Some are already listed in the shop with more to come. So if you have a boring cardi that needs a lift or a craft project on the go then be sure to pop over and have a look. With leather, glass, metal, plastic offerings there is (or will be) something for everyone’s taste.IMG_9270


 What do you think?

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Green Eyed Thrift Monster

Posted on 5 January, 2015

Yesterday, Steve prompted me to look at our friend Dee’s Instagram account. Knowing me well he forewarned me that I was  going to be jealous. I now check Instagram on my laptop because I’ve chosen to rid my life of the iPhone. So as I scanned and scanned through the images from strangers to try and get to her photo I thought “what could be so great that I have to check now”

. Then there it was, a true vision in olive

catherine holm olive tea pot


Nothing in life can prepare you for the moment that one of your best friends reaches thrifting Mecca. No amount of yogic breath can calm the adrenaline of seeing a Catherine Holm piece on your friends table.  I would love to say I handled it gracefully, but I did not. I rang her instantly to get all the who, what, where, when details. If ,like me, you can’t fathom a Catherine Holm piece (let alone a near mint tea pot!!) turning up in a charity shop in Cork then the details may help you.

Who- Dee found herself.

What Price: I hope you are sitting down 3 euro 50!!

Where: The sneaky charity shop in North Main St Shopping Centre (Cork) that everyone forgets is there .

When: Last Friday (02.01.2015).

If this was a beauty pagent I would have been the sore loser who stormed the stage throwing myself onto my knees screaming “It should have been mmmeeeeeee”. Finding a Catherine Holm teapot in the wild is something I have actually dreamt about and I went on a bit about it in this post!

I tried telling myself all the facts. Dee is a costume and set designer and is constantly in and out of charity shops and has given them so much business that it’s befitting that she find something amazing. She didn’t know it was Catherine Holm or of its significance in the world of vintage enamelware she just bought because she liked it. I reasoned that this was a good thing because she wasn’t swayed by the name or hype around Catherine Holm.

Also while I dreamed about finding a Catherine Holm piece in Cork for less than a fiver once awake I never thought it would happen but it did happen, okay not to me, but the fact that it happened should be cause for thrifting hope.

All of this being said I was not all feeling that reasonable about the whole thing.

I tried just telling myself “there’s no point being jealous” but it’s only now after nearly 24 hours of trying to tame the green eyed monster that I have finally found a solution.

I have made up a scenario of what could have happened to the tea pot if Dee had not bought it. There are a few versions but the most helpful one is this:

Two friends are shopping. One friend wants to go into the charity shop in North Main Shopping centre. The other friend thinks that second hand shops smell but agrees to go in because it’s raining. While she tries not to touch anything her other friend sneaks off to buy her the Catherine Holm tea pot which she is convinced her friend will love.  She meekly thanks her friend for the present but has no idea why her friend thought that she’d like it. It doesn’t even match the style of her kitchen. She goes home and throws the tea pot straight into the bin. The rubbish collection is swift in her area and soon the Catherine Holm tea pot is confined  to the rubbish heap forever.

This scenario has helps endless my jealousy. Dee was meant to find. She will love it and care for it, give it a good home and drink copious amounts of tea from it. As for me, I get to visit the tea pot tomorrow and I’m pretty sure time heals all thrifting wounds:)

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Busy on Etsy

Posted on 17 November, 2014

At the weekend I put the head down and started doing some work in the shop. It felt really  good to tackle my to-do list. I’m still not close to having everything listed in the shop but I am certainly an incy bit closer than I was this time last week and that feels really good.

The shop is now filled with everything from 1930’s snack sets, to a cosy house , to the very latest Arklow Pottery installment!

PicMonkey Collage 2

I have also had a few trips to the post office to say goodbye to a few vintage treasures so pop over to the shop to see if your favourites are still there!


Sneaky preview

Posted on 7 November, 2014

This little beauty will be making it’s way into the shop in the coming days  but I couldn’t let Friday pass without sharing it with you.

Last year I found a lovely enamel tea pot  that stole my heart. It hung around the shops digital shelf for a while and I started to imagine that I might get to keep it. When it did sell I was a little bereft but tried to be happy for it as it headed off on a new adventure to Canada. So when I saw this one I decided to snap it up quickly. I am technically breaking my “do not buy anything until I have everything I listed in the shop”  rule but if you’re a regular reader you know I have my weaknesses and beautiful enamel is one of them!

IMG_8034 IMG_8038 IMG_8039

IMG_8042Isn’t she a beauty? This too will find a new home some day and I am positive that it’ll bring extra cheer to whatever table it finds itself on. I’m pretty sure that it’s a scientific fact that pretty enamel really does gladden the heart:)


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Etsy lows

Posted on 20 October, 2014




Like many things in life when all is well you don’t question it. So when my Etsy shop was doing really well I went with it. I added items to the shop, I bought like vintage was going out of fashion. I wrapped, packed and ran to the post office.

But when I did some maths I realised that the effort that goes into it hasn’t yet resulted in any profit. This gave me quiet the kick in the teeth. I felt that because I was busy I must be in profit. When I added up the price of boxes, packaging materials, business cards, under priced postage, the trip to Berlin to find treasures, Etsy costs, Paypal costs, Facebook promotion ( I will never do that again!), the cost of the items themselves, it just doesn’t add up. I had some big expenses that didn’t pay off. For example, early on I was eager and I had postcards made of a photograph I had taken. They turned out to be a mistake. I love them but there is no market for them (or none on Etsy anyway). Although my mum did buy some! Thanks Mum.

On November the 11th the shop will be open a year and so far it doesn’t look like I am going to break even. I had never hoped to be in profit in the first year but I had hoped, and even presumed, that I wouldn’t be at a loss. that was until I sat down and did the maths.

So to try and get things in order before November I put some of the prices up. Unfortunately everything then grounded to a halt. Sales stopped, I went for 14 days without selling anything. I even thought the shop might be broken! Even the numbers of people viewing items dropped.  Instead of continuing to list new items I stopped too.

After a month of thinking what am I going to do in the future with the shop  I am still no closer to a decision but I have decided one thing.

I really believe that you get out of things what you put into it and for a few weeks I had given up. I didn’t want to check the statistics of the shop, I definitely didn’t want to list items, I didn’t want to know anything about it. Well, it turns out that just made me feel worse about it so now I’ve moved to Plan B.

Plan B is to put more effort into the shop. The first part of this is to keep listing new items. My shelves are lined with things that I haven’t listed in the shop so EVERYTHING is going up. I know you’ve heard that before but this time I’ve used block capitals so this is now super serious!

If I’m still at a loss by the end of 2014 then I will think again but at least I will know that I have really tried. So keep your eyes peeled on the shop because I have got my serious game face on and things are going to get real around here! Urrgghhh!!!


(Well, maybe not too serious!)

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It will be a cold winter

Posted on 10 September, 2014

Today I picked the hottest day in September to  launch a search for a winter coat. I am determined to have a coat that actually fits me. I have donated all of my old coats to charity after the “clear out of all clear outs” so the need is definitely there. Yet after only two high street shops and two vintage shops I abandoned the “proper” shops and hit the second hand shops.

From there it was one pleasant distraction after another. So my winter coat turned into two pretty vases/candle holder type things….

photo 3 (5)

.. an Oxford dictionary printed in 1929 and a Tolstoy book…

photo 5 (1)

… and to top it off,  a summer dress.



My attempts at looking refined were ruined by Ewan pulling on the end of my dress.


If my thrift excursions keep going like this it will be a cold winter for me but at least I’ll be well read!

Heart over head

Posted on 8 September, 2014

This weekend I made a heart over head thrift purchase. I bought this Salter scales in a shop that would frighten any self respecting minimalist. It’s the the type of place where you could take something off the shelf, and end up buried under years worth of miscellaneous crap, never be found again. Basically, my find of place.


The reason this is not such a good purchase for the shop is that it measures coins rather than grams or ounces. It measures old silver and new 5ps and 10ps and the likes. This I think is brilliant but I can understand why the rest of the consumer world may not agree.


Another reason it may not be the best purchase for the shop is that it weighs a tonne. I have no idea how I am going to ship it and I’m praying someone in Cork will buy it to save me figuring out the posting logistics.


But when you look at it you can see why I bought it, surely?

It helped it’s previous owner, H. Evans and Sons of Capel Street in Dublin, figure out how much money they had for years and years. It helped them get over the transition between old and new money. When the euro came they didn’t throw it out the stuck on little markers with great care and it lived on still serving its purpose.

Plus it’s pretty!

This is not the kind of thing I could leave behind!

So while it might sit in my shop for a while at least it’ll look good while it’s there:)

IMG_6571 IMG_6601

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Makes my heart go boom

Posted on 26 June, 2014



We are back in the land of the sunny south east again and I’m following some roads I haven’t tried before. One such road is a tiny side road just outside of Wellingtonbridge in County Wexford. The small brown painted sign saying Antiques has been tempting me for years now. I have passed it often and never ventured down the road. If i was on holidays abroad I would have careered down the road with reckless  abandon but there’s something about the thought that it’ll be there the next time that lead me to put it off.

Well not today. After winding down the path with grass in the middle of the road, in the rain I was greeted by a barking dog, a nettle sting and this….


Places like this make my heart skip a beat. Oh the possibilities! Why do I only have one set of eyes and hands!! I want to see everything they have instantly while also wanting to spent the day there. When you go in, it’s not a huge space but there are nooks and crannies that scream with promise. IMG_4802


Stuff dangled from the ceiling, lay in boxes on the floor and found a home in any space it could. If you’re anything like me you’ll be combing the pictures looking for treasures. If you are like Ewan you’ll be trying to leap from my arms to find an escape to go and play with the barking dog!

IMG_4811 IMG_4813


I left empty handed despite the fact they had a lovely Arklow Pottery set. The price was just too high for me, it was missing some saucers and in the back of my mind I wondered if the owner could be the Arklow Shark from the car boot sale. The shop is just a short spin from the car boot sale and this shop knew it’s Arklow. I need to let that go!

Even though I left the Arklow set behind me I still LOVE this kind of place. A world of wonders, some dodgy things, many neglected things and always a prospect of something amazing!


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