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Etsy Shop is Closed

Posted on 27 August, 2015


Shop announcement!
The Thrifty Amos Etsy shop is closed for good.

There were many things I liked about running the shop but at this point my heart isn’t in it. I set it up at a time when I could wander the charity shops with a sleeping baby and running the shop fit in easily with my life. That’s no longer the case. While I could donate my night time to photographing items and listing them and my spare day hours to wrapping them I just don’t have the love for it that I did when I started. Shipping breakables to the US takes an awful lot of care,attention and time and the amount I was making didn’t make it worthwhile. I still love vintage home ware and my love for Arklow pottery lives on but selling online just isn’t for me.  I’ve sneaked many items out of the stock pile and into my own cupboards but the rest must go or my shelves will break.  If you know anyone who would be interested in buying a large, or small amount of vintage home ware and who can collect it from Cork then please send them my way and deals will be struck:)

Some lovely people got in touch through the shop which was one of the nicest and unexpected things about running it. 

Thanks to the car boot sellers of Cork for great crack on Sunday mornings, wonderful customers who love vintage and the amazing woman at the post office for all her patience!

It will be full steam ahead with here at the blog so expect to hear plenty from me at

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Arklow Shark

Posted on 5 June, 2014





It turns out the sunny south east is a good place for thrifting. I managed to squeeze in a village market and a car boot sale into my bank holiday weekend. Having on tap baby sitters is one of life’s true pleasures!

In my hunts I picked up mainly Irish made pieces which always makes me happy. I hunted out some Carrigaline pottery (blue and white strips and tan stripes)  a retro Barry’s tea tin, a Celtic Ceramic salt and pepper set which didn’t really go with my scone and tea photos but I thought the little condiments jar from that set could get away with it.


carrigaline pottery striped plates and cupI was also very excited about retro travel scrabble set. Scrabble is by far the best game in the world ever. I get competitive and over excited playing it but then again that goes for most board games.

I also picked up some sheffield steel bone handle knives. I’m in the midst of online research about sheffield steel and I have to say there are nicer ways to spend sunny mornings! If I find anything interesting I’ll let you know, nothing to report so far.

vintage travel scrabble

As you may know I’m a big Arklow pottery fan but I think I’ve met my match. There was a man at the car boot sale who I named Arklow Shark who was dashing around the stalls buying everything Arklow. It was Dad who noticed him but by the time we spotted him he had done the whole car boot sale and was carrying a hefty load. He bought a whole Arklow tea set for €20. It was such a bargain and jealousy still runs through me! I considered harming him and stealing his finds but for some reason I thought better of it. Next time, Arklow Shark man, next time!!

I did however manage to pick up a few lovely Arklow pieces as people were unpacking them (yes it can get crazy out there!). The retro flowery plate is Arklow. I placed the scone on it as a little trophy to it for not being swallowed up by the Arklow Shark.

There are more goodies but alas this is all that I could squeeze into the photos!

arklow pottery shannon pattern plate arklow pottery "shannon" pattern, travel scrabble, carrigaline potteryIMG_4056

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Mapping Fun

Posted on 23 January, 2014

Yesterday while rushing around I dipped into a second hand shop (not too much of a rush clearly!) and there they were side by side. A little yellow and white Carrigaline jug  and flower power Arklow jug lined up together just for me.

Carrigaline Pottery Jug and Arklow Pottery Jug

It got me thinking about the excitement when I find something beautiful and eye catching and it’s made here in beautiful Ireland. So I got out a few road maps and started dotting my small collection around the map. That looked horrible! So I re-thought it and inspired by this, I went and did this…

Map of Ireland and Thrift finds
The map is from Bold and Noble and I love it! I thought it was a bit pricey when I bought it but now I love it so much I’ve forgotten the cost.
In case you’ve been scrolling over the image thinking it’s broken the image map is below. So feel free to wander the mouse about the image and click to see where it brings you:)
Map of Ireland and Thrift finds

Aranware Cups from Derry Image Map

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Mint Treats

Posted on 25 November, 2013

This weekend I went to Dublin to watch the Irish rugby team in a heart breaking defeat. For those of you that don’t follow a sport I would advise that you keep it that is far too much of an emotional roller coaster. I am pretty sure I aged about ten years yesterday.

Arriving home late today there was a bit of a race against the light. I wanted so much to show you my purchase from last Friday’s madness and luckily I just managed a few shots before darkness descended.

Arklow Pottery cup, saucer and plateirish pottery made by arklow pottery

I love these pieces so much that I got up before dawn and waited in below freezing conditions for hours so that I could snap them up in the window sale.

They made by Arklow Pottery, County Wicklow. I have spoken about Arklow pottery before  and my obsession with the brand has grown and grown. The thought that they closed because there wasn’t a market for their pieces in Ireland makes me think that they were just ahead of their time.

The pattern and detail is so spectacular and so much more interesting than a lot of the newer pottery pieces that make their way to wedding lists.

mint and gold arklow pottery jug

These pieces are so elegant and unique and made right here in Ireland. What’s not to love!

The plates and cups are in the shop and the jug is following soon 🙂

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