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A week in photos

Posted on 26 September, 2014

Ahh tapes…IMG_6776

This week I’ve been trying to find a purpose for the 5 tea packets I bought at a car boot sale ( I love the humble request just to try his teas , comparison is all he asks!). The only thing I’ve got so far is to make my own tea. If you have any more inventive suggestions please let me know…IMG_7042



…we bought the booster seat I bought for Ewan at last weekends car boot sale to good use. Although I’m sorry to see his little clip on seat go. I’m a big fan of the seat because it meant he could sit at the table with us even as a tiny 5 month old. Plus we don’t have room for a high chair so it worked perfectly.We got a full year out of it and we can still use when he is out and about so I won’t mourn it quiet yet.

Plus the wooden booster seat was a complete bargain and still in it’s original box. He seems pretty pleased with himself too and looks all grown up at 17 month old!


To finish off the week here are some gratuitous Ewan shots just because…

IMG_7112 IMG_7126 IMG_7135 IMG_7138Have a childish weekend!

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Food, drink, a box and a print

Posted on 24 February, 2014

Last weekend contained a birthday party, mountains of green tea, two sets of grandparents visiting, a rugby match that has knocked years off my life, amazing food both at home (thank you Steve) and in the lovely Market Lane where I even snuck in some wine (thank you babysitters)! Steve’s current favourite “eating-out treat” is Market Lane and I am more than happy to go anywhere with nice food and shapely cutlery.
In between eating and drinking time was made to visit a car boot sale. There was only one in the county this weekend so I packed my wellingtons, two euro coin for the entrance fee and canvas bags .
As it turned out this was unnecessary. The car boot sale was held in a parish hall so there was no need to trail across a field in wellingtons. So few traders turned up that the organisers did not charge an entrance fee and the two items I did pick up didn’t fit in the canvas bags!
So while my preparations were unnecessary and the turn out was poor I am nevertheless pleased with the two items I did get.
First up is this wooden box. The lady called it a tool box but it’s so heavy empty I can’t imagine how anyone could lift it full of tools. I’m going to use it at home for some extra storage, it is much too heavy to put in the shop which is a good excuse for me to keep it!
I was debating the purchase while the seller talked with another customer but the more I looked at the detail of it the more convinced I was that I needed this very heavy box.
Once decided I tried to negotiate the price. But this seller was not for turning and she looked me square in the eyes and says “you know it’s worth it.”  While struggling to get words along the lines of “it is worth what someone will pay for it” I stopped and thought, actually she’s right, it is worth the asking price. So I stopped myself before I spoke and paid full price.
I often feel out of depth in the bargaining department, add that to the fact that I really want everything I buy the result is sometimes I pay more than I would like to for items. This time I think the price was fair and sometimes I even get bargains. My thinking is that it all balances out in the end and if you want something bad enough then sometimes then you have to put your hand in your pocket to secure it.
I also picked up this print from the Japanese Gallery in Islington, London. Despite the glue stain on the front this lovely print still caught my eye.
Rather than making or buying a new mount I plan on painting the current mount. Any colour suggestions? 
This week I’m sharing with A Living Space Sir Thrift A lot and We call it Junkin.

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