As I mentioned I stopped off on the way home from Heir Island in a little Thrift Shop in a town called Leap (what a great name!). When you have a thrifting addiction you’ll happily ditch your family at the side of the road to make an unscheduled stop without a molecule of guilt.

Just as well too because if I didn’t I would have missed these three pretty things.

The painting of daisies was housed in a horrible frame, I’m launching a search for a nicer frame to show it off properly.

The vase is made by Villeroy and Boch, I have a few of their other pieces marked on Etsy for my next purchase. The gift card is burning a hole in my pocket and every time I visit Etsy the balance is there looking at me in bright green waiting to be spent.
I hadn’t seen the pattern on this vase before and when I looked it up it’s a version of the Brindille pattern. Villeroy and Boch started using this pattern in 1770! 
How crazy is that!! 
55 years before the famine this pattern was dressing up European side boards! This is too mad for me to get my head around!

The red pot comes with no markings or historical connections. We have a similar shaped pot in green and it’s endlessly handy and has the distinct advantage of making everything you put in it look pretty.

These will at some point be making there way to my Etsy shop.

I have considered a grovelling apology for how long it is taking me to get all the finds up to the shop but instead I’ll focus on what I have put in the shop.

Slowly but surely I’m getting there, more to come at some point, soon (ish) I hope!

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