Last week a goodie pack arrived at my door from the Oh me Oh my DIY team. They have made their very first DIY home tutorial video. It’s a floristry online workshop which talks you through how to make a festive wreath. Once you purchase, they send you a kit of  the bits and bobs you’ll need and a code which allows you to watch the tutorial given by Jill (the nice florist from the workshops) who walks you through each step.

In the interest of all things true and Christmassy I will declare that I got mine for free. But I did resolve not to blog about it unless I actually liked it and thought that other people might like it. So as you may have guessed by the fact I’m blogging about it I’m pretty pleased with myself and it smells amazing!

On the website they don’t seem to give you a full list of what’s in the starter pack so I don’t want to spoil the surprise. Well okay  I might just spoil it a little because here’s a sneaky look at some of the goodies….

photo 3

.. and I will spoil the surprise a bit more and  say that all you need to add is greenery.



Greenery is also where I went wrong. On my first trip out foraging I forgot/ ignored Jill’s advice and just picked anything green that wasn’t grass. This was a mistake.  Once I listened to the video again I realised that this nothing like what she said. Jill is wise in all things floristry and I should have listened! The first result was a sad wreath that  withered as I was making it. Undeterred by my poor attention span I set off again this time listening to Jill’s advise and getting some extra advice from Ewan’s Oma (whose garden I also raided).


Hydrangeas were not part of the original plan but they are just so beautiful that I ad-libbed a little!



As I’ve attested here before Jill is a great teacher and mixes in the tips and tricks with gentle reminders to just get creative. I took ages doing it, not because it’s hard, but because it’s really fun.

I’d never made a wreath before and they are always pretty pricey so I’ve never bought one either. For my first ever wreath I have to say I’m pretty pleased with the end result!  (Also I’m not sure if they did this on purpose but I got so much stuff in the goodie bag that I’ll have enough for next year too! )

So if your wanting to bring a bit of DIY to your Christmas cheer this year but like me you haven’t got a green finger on your body then I can definitely recommend giving Jill, and the bumper pack she comes with, a go! She’ll talk you through the twists and turns of making your very own Christmas wreath. God, I wish Christmas was tomorrow!!!!IMG_8383