Shop announcement!
The Thrifty Amos Etsy shop is closed for good.

There were many things I liked about running the shop but at this point my heart isn’t in it. I set it up at a time when I could wander the charity shops with a sleeping baby and running the shop fit in easily with my life. That’s no longer the case. While I could donate my night time to photographing items and listing them and my spare day hours to wrapping them I just don’t have the love for it that I did when I started. Shipping breakables to the US takes an awful lot of care,attention and time and the amount I was making didn’t make it worthwhile. I still love vintage home ware and my love for Arklow pottery lives on but selling online just isn’t for me.  I’ve sneaked many items out of the stock pile and into my own cupboards but the rest must go or my shelves will break.  If you know anyone who would be interested in buying a large, or small amount of vintage home ware and who can collect it from Cork then please send them my way and deals will be struck:)

Some lovely people got in touch through the shop which was one of the nicest and unexpected things about running it. 

Thanks to the car boot sellers of Cork for great crack on Sunday mornings, wonderful customers who love vintage and the amazing woman at the post office for all her patience!

It will be full steam ahead with here at the blog so expect to hear plenty from me at