Very very soon we are heading off on holidays, whoop whoop. As we are staying in Ireland there is a possibility it will rain. There is a possibility that walking in the rain might not cut it for very long and there is a possibility that we might have to entertain Ewan for hours with only our wits and good humour to pull us through. This last bit made me think we needed some new books, and sharpish.

My criteria for holiday children’s books is multi-faceted: second hand, cheap,light and easy to carry, minimal scribbles, no torn pages and last but not least something different to what we already have. We headed to Ballincollig where I wanted to test my theory that outside the city centre are charity shops filled with great things at cheaper prices because they don’t have to pay city rents.  This theory will need further testing post-holiday but I’m pretty chuffed with what my 5 euro got me.

Firstly 7 books for 3 euro  and 50 cents

IMG_1715 price

Next my impromptu purchase of an Old Navy Stripey Jumper  50 cents and Mini Boden pants 50cents.

IMG_1714 better price

Before we headed for home, it turns out two charity shops is the maximum this toddler can handle, Ewan made his own impulse purchase request for a 50 cents toy bus. He loves it dearly.

IMG_1750 p

An arm full of bargains in any ones book I’d say.  I’ve only given them a cursory glance to the books (I don’t want to spoil the surprise:) but so far the “Dinosaur that pooped a lot ” has caught my attention and I’ve never read ( or don’t remember reading) Three Billy Goats Gruff so hold on to your hats this holiday is going to be mental!!