st patricks day collage

As you might have guessed I am a huge St Patrick’s day fan.

Rain,hail or big pregnant belly I have been there at the edge of the Cork parade willing and able to wiggle my way into a good viewing spot. I struggle to understand why some stay away from the parade but I can just about get my head around it if people are busy or bed ridden. Where I  fail miserably in my understanding is the stoic silence that surrounds the parade. This is a celebration, it should be full of whooping, clapping or at a passing comment.

I’m not sure if it was where I was standing or whether my enthusiasm frightens people but this year the response was so lack luster it boarded on eerie. The parade delivered the goods. There were giant robot heads,


glorious stags,


 aerial dancers…


and a giant inflated garden!!


Not one of them received so much as a clap from the majority. People made these amazing things, people practiced and practiced and barely received a response at all.Up to 60,000 people turned up to line the streets of Cork and from where I was standing you could hear a pin drop!  Not even a muted discussion  was ushered about the delights passing us. I grand you some aspects of the parade may fail to inspire but the tone was so sedate that at one stage it felt like a funeral procession!

When I clapped, or whooped or enthusiastically pointed things out to Ewan, eyes were cast back at me as though I was breaking some sacred vow of silence. Maybe a memo went out to say a new rule of silence must be obeyed. Well I for one will continue to break this strange tradition that seems to have creeped it’s way into the parade.

I will even continue to risk annoying those around me in the hope that next year others will join in and at least give a smiling nod towards the participants. Despite the lone clapping, I had my fun and I’m already awaiting next years parade and as long as it involves being fed some tasty food Ewan is willing to play along too!  Happy belated St Patrick’s day from a blogger who is very happy to have her blog back working again:)