After talking for a long time in the last post I thought I’d lower the word count and instead share some photos from a sunny week in Cork.

We spent many many hours in the garden …

Ireland has the advantage of not having anything too scary in the animal department. St Patrick got rid of our snakes (pure fact) and our spot on the edge of the atlantic ocean  means we only get very moderate animals. So there is no risk of waking up to a tiger raiding your fridge.
Here are a few non-scaries that the graced the garden this week.

Ewan very nearly ate our little slug visitor but I noticed just in time. This little guy didn’t seem to notice how close a slobbery mouth really was.

We also visited friends and their duck and chickens. Ewan is a major duck fan so this is pretty much like Disneyland.

Tomorrow, Ewan turns one and it’s safe to say the grown ups are excited! We are baking an Elmo cake in preparation for the big day. We’ll continue the search for animals in Fota Wildlife park tomorrow and then off for a short break to Heir Island.  Expect a bombardment of photos once we are back!