felt cards, needle felt cards

If you have a shrunken cardi teasing you with it obsolescence  then this is the DIY  project for you! For months I considered what I could do with a cardi that the drier had claimed as yet another conquest. I thought of making Christmas decorations out of it but that never came about and now it’s February! Then I saw this felt elbow patch tutorial and it got me thinking. I wasn’t willing to donate any of my fully functional cardis to be elbow patched  but I was curious to try needle felting so my squashed shrunken cardigan was just the thing. I used the same process as the tutorial to make it but  I used a cut strip of the shrunken fabric and I glued the end result to folded card .

This is unbelievably simple (and cheap!)  plus I got to use my glue gun again (any excuse really!)


It’s as simple as putting a cookie cutter on to your chosen fabric and placing them both on top of a foam pad for felting.


Then you stuff the cookie cutter with felt…


..and repeatedly stabbing it with a felting needle. (As a little side note the tutorial said 36 gauge felting needle and my local craft shop didn’t have the same kind of needles but after helpful staff Googled it for me we discovered it was the same as a medium felting needle)

Stabbing felt wool with a felting needle is by far the most fun I have had with a needle. You just stab into the felt wool and it goes through the  fabric and into the sponge. It’s a series of  straight up and down jabbing motions that makes you feel maniacal, but in a good way. It really is worth trying!


Once you’ve stabbed your heart out (or house in this case) then you peel off your fabric from the sponge.


A quick run of the iron with steam and squirts of water then it’s ready to be glue to the card.

IMG_0011 IMG_0014

And there you have it. The whole thing only takes about ten minutes and it really is fun, so get stabbing!!


So far I’ve made this house for a friends house party and  this heart for valentines.


With limited cookie cutters in my life I’ll be keeping and eye out for cheerful cutters so I can expand my cardi card repertoire!