This Christmas I want to re-kindle my crafty spirit. Throughout the year I have bookmarked so many projects with the niggling feeling that I’m not really going to do it. Well no more.

It’s time to get my craft on. Between now and Christmas things are going to get super crafty around here!!

First up is a tiny pine cone tree! I have seen tutorials online for pine cone trees that involve styrofoam cones and sheet moss. This is a bit  elaborate  for my humble mantel piece so I simplified instead. I gathered small pine cones from fallen branches at Steve’s parents garden (yet again the source of my crafty adventures).

Next, I took the screw top of a wine bottle (I’m a classy lady) and got my glue gun out and started sticking.

diy pine cone christmas tree

I bought a glue gun at the weekend and I frankly have no idea how I got into my 30’s and never owned one. It’s so fun and easy to use that  I started looking around the house to see what else I could glue!



You can see I made a little paper tree to give myself a guide as to the height and base I wanted. It turned out this was a totally unnecessary step so don’t worry about it!

Next, you just layer  the pine cones on top of each other reducing the number of cones as you go. Be sure to keep a particularly cute little cone aside for the top. I roped Steve in to make the cardboard star for the top and hey presto!

diy small pine cone christmas tree IMG_8459-001

I then got out my magic box of tricks which is filled with old cake decorations, sequins, buttons, string and other random things and started spreading the joy around the mantle piece.

diy pine cone christmas tree and button garland diy pine cone christmas tree and button garland IMG_8442 diy pine cone christmas tree and red tin christmas train

The little train came from a Cork online shop called Style 25. She is between premises at the moment and has set up a glorious online shop in the mean time. So if you fancy supporting a small Irish business and add to your Christmas cheer then pop over and have a look.

While your there I’m going through my bookmarks to find my next excuse to use my glue gun!