This morning I was on the radio! Live on the national radio! RTE is the national broadcaster in Ireland and when they contacted me I toyed with the idea that it was a hoax.

A researcher got in touch last week because he had come across my blog post about ditching my smartphone and they wanted to do a segment (see I learnt some radio lingo!) about abandoning technology.

Once I realised that it wasn’t a hoax I spent all of my free time pretend interviewing myself in my head! I also thought long and hard about how I could ask people to vote for me on the blog awards and still sound natural. After many attempts I abandoned that idea and decided to stick to the topic!

I practiced so much that by the time it came to this morning I was petrified.


As soon as I went in to the studio (oh yes, the studio with buttons and microphone and everything!) I was greeted with so many chatty friendly people that they some how managed to put me at ease.




Suddenly, it was all over. I really enjoyed it and I’ve been floating around on adrenaline since.

You can listen here if you’d like 🙂