This weekend I made a heart over head thrift purchase. I bought this Salter scales in a shop that would frighten any self respecting minimalist. It’s the the type of place where you could take something off the shelf, and end up buried under years worth of miscellaneous crap, never be found again. Basically, my find of place.


The reason this is not such a good purchase for the shop is that it measures coins rather than grams or ounces. It measures old silver and new 5ps and 10ps and the likes. This I think is brilliant but I can understand why the rest of the consumer world may not agree.


Another reason it may not be the best purchase for the shop is that it weighs a tonne. I have no idea how I am going to ship it and I’m praying someone in Cork will buy it to save me figuring out the posting logistics.


But when you look at it you can see why I bought it, surely?

It helped it’s previous owner, H. Evans and Sons of Capel Street in Dublin, figure out how much money they had for years and years. It helped them get over the transition between old and new money. When the euro came they didn’t throw it out the stuck on little markers with great care and it lived on still serving its purpose.

Plus it’s pretty!

This is not the kind of thing I could leave behind!

So while it might sit in my shop for a while at least it’ll look good while it’s there:)

IMG_6571 IMG_6601