Ahh tapes…IMG_6776

This week I’ve been trying to find a purpose for the 5 tea packets I bought at a car boot sale ( I love the humble request just to try his teas , comparison is all he asks!). The only thing I’ve got so far is to make my own tea. If you have any more inventive suggestions please let me know…IMG_7042



…we bought the booster seat I bought for Ewan at last weekends car boot sale to good use. Although I’m sorry to see his little clip on seat go. I’m a big fan of the seat because it meant he could sit at the table with us even as a tiny 5 month old. Plus we don’t have room for a high chair so it worked perfectly.We got a full year out of it and we can still use when he is out and about so I won’t mourn it quiet yet.

Plus the wooden booster seat was a complete bargain and still in it’s original box. He seems pretty pleased with himself too and looks all grown up at 17 month old!


To finish off the week here are some gratuitous Ewan shots just because…

IMG_7112 IMG_7126 IMG_7135 IMG_7138Have a childish weekend!