Since I’ve opened the Etsy shop I’ve been a bit of a shop keeping ¬†hobo. The typewriter lives in one press, the boxes for packaging in the upstairs hallway, the bubble wrap under the bench in the kitchen. Well not any more. I shoved my sewing machine over and claimed the rest of the desk in the spare room as my office.

I started by buying two wall boxes and painted them with left over tester paints. Before Ewan was born we considered nearly every colour for the baby’s room. We were convinced we were decorating for a girl! As a result of our colour experiments we have lots and lots of paint tester pots which get put to use every now and again.


Once the wall boxes were drying I decided to tackle what I was going to do with the postage forms, custom declaration stickers and general bits and bobs. To manage these I used all my DIY skills and cut up a cereal box and covered it with glue and paper. Voila! It’s not the sturdiest thing you’ve ever seen but it does the job nicely.



That all was pretty quick but deciding what looked better in which book involved much more thought and faffing about.

IMG_6220 IMG_6225


The end result is I’m thrilled, I have my own corner office (well, in the corner of the spare bedroom at least) and I love it:)